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"Wii is a point of Debate...Read on for a quick breakdown"


Okay, so you finally got that Wii you've wanted for two years, right? And you couldn't be happier: the all-holy white box that has dominated your mind for so long that your grades in school have been slipping and your girlfriend/boyfriend thinks your a lunatic. Welcome to the World of Wii!


I have to say, I have very few doubts about this system. Sure, there are occassional things that drive me off a wall, but for the most part, the Big N promised, and they delivered. They have had innovative games, such as Red Steel (good for FPS newbies) and of course.........Twilight Princess (a game which, according to its dev team, said that there were a few throwback references to Ocarina of Time, but for the most part was 3 times as long, and had a darker story). The control scheme works great for most games, however. I am glad that Nintendo has added control sensitivity to some games, so that can help you or hinder you, depending on how much of a couch potato you are. Graphics are nowhere near as beautiful as the PS3's or 360's, but that is what you get for $250, the price of the console.
My overall score, which is my normal score, gets around a 8.5/10.

It's about the games (and their controls), stupid!:

Yes, I know. The games. Wii's games are somewhat of a mixed bag. While Wii Sports is a good distraction that can last for maybe 45 minutes everyday, the console really shines when you look at Zelda, FPSs in general, and racing games. Here's why: In Zelda, you control Link's sword with great ease, and can fight on horseback (there's something I don't remember being in O of T). The control scheme feels natural, even while plainly moving; the Wiimote simply feels more comfortable to the hand. Why? I don't honestly know, but hey, it works. FPSs give you direct aiming capabilities of the gun, which makes it much more satisfying (or so I think) to kill the swarms upon swarms of men that try to kill you. Mainly, the basics of control stay from Zelda to FPSs, but it still makes the game fun. You can open doors by moving the nunchuk, for example. Sometimes though, you will need to remember to turn the sensitivity down. And racing games is where I will conclude this section. For some of the racing games, all you have to do to control the car/truck/whatever you're driving is to turn the Wiimote sideways. Simple, no? That will come in handy later.
I give the games and controls a 7.5/10.

Bonus content:

So, the Big N has given us a nice selection of bonus materials: Forecast Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, and backwards compatible disc slot, which would be the Disc Channel. Forecast channel lets you look up weather from any major city in the world. You can look up the cloud amount in London, see just how sunny it is in Honululu, and get back in time for lunch. Nice, huh? Next on the list is the Shop, where you can buy classic console games. My conjecture is that they were put in there for people who never played certain games (Kid Icarus, anyone), or who were born after the age of the NES, SNES, Genesis, and the TurboGrafx-16. Then we have Mii channel, where you create little avatars of yourself and your friends to partake in Wii Sports and other first party titles. In the photo channel, you can take pictures with any camera with an SD memory card, and then upload those pictures to the Wii, where you can really make them look comical. Finally, we have a backwards-compatible disc channel, where you can play the Wii games as well as the greatest Gamecube games ever.
I give the Bonus Content a 8/10

Here is what you all have been waiting for: the graphics section. While graphics don't make the game (a good example would be Fire Emblem 7), they sure do help. Yes, we all know that the graphics aren't the most amazing thing in the world. Pretty much, we have a really souped up gamecube, and an equal to the original Xbox. To be honest, I kinda like the setup: You have kind of screwy (in terms of graphics) games, and are then wowed by the amazing details that will come later. Does anyone remember Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles? Released only 2 years after the GCN, I am still wowed by the absolute gorgeous lighting, physical effects that duplicate life (clear running water in a stream, anyone?), and solid controls. And I will go to pick nits: there were even parts of Zelda where the graphics screwed up. And this from a game that we had to wait an extra 2 years for. Back to the point: Give the graphics time. While they never will be as close to FFXIII's supposed graphical eye-candy level, they will advance.
I give the graphics a 7/10.

And now, time for the nits. Now, the controller, while amazing, can also kinda messed up. I say this because the Wiimote apparently transmits its position in "space" via one quick beam of data, that travels in one straight line. If anything obstructs it and it loses its signal for about 6 seconds, games will then tell you something like: "Please attempt to reconnect the Wii Remote by repeatedly pressing A without moving the control stick on the Nunchuk." Next, we have the occassional remote failure. I had a friend over, and while in the Mii Channel, they pressed A. And then, the controller wouldn't respond. At all. So I resynched it and redid everything, and it worked.

Graphics still leave a lot to be desired, as noted above. I won't really go in depth again.

Wii Shop: This seems to be added for people who have not played N64, NES, SNES, etc. But if you through out/sold that old console, you can still relive the magic their games had on you by purchasing

Updating: This can be a pain if it isn't always hooked up to the internet. It has taken me over an hour to get some updates, so be careful.

My last note: The Wii is so much more than the sum of its parts. Buy one when you can, because it will convert people from non-gamer to gamer. Trust me, it is worth it to wait in line for a total of 12 hours.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/16/07

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