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Reviewed: 08/29/07

Good, but not as good as most people say

The Wii is one of the most revolutionary systems ever. It has shredded the competition to shreds and blown past sales records by the millions. It has the innovative controls, great games, and other features that has the Wii still hard to find, Even after closing in to a year. It was natural that everyone wanted one, even though its system performance wasn't as good as some hoped it to be. It included a game, Wii Sports, in the packages, which made another selling point. The Wii Sports game had you swinging, punching, and dodging as you competed against friends and rivals in 5 different sports: Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. After beating opponents, you would get your skill level raised, as would your opponent. Your goal is to try and reach 1000 points, when you would then become a Pro, which for bowling, means that you get a different ball.

At first, I was thrilled when I got it for my birthday. A lot of my friends had them, and I really liked the games. If I had reviewed this 2 months ago, I would have given it a perfect 10. It was... Cool, it had all of the goods you would want with a gaming system.

But now, after having it for 3 months and experienced it for a longer period of time, I have changed my general view of the system.

The control setup for the Wii Menu is very innovative, most of the things that you need access to are right in front of you. Use the A button in conjunction in pointing at things with the Remote to select items. Use the + and - Buttons to scroll through the pages of Wii channels and the Message board. You can rearrange the Wii Channels(the boxes that you select what you want to do, such as starting up your game in the disc slot, going to the Shop Channel, etc.) by holding A and B and moving the remote. Very easy to use, except the internet options are a little bit hard to reach. The options for the System memory are easily accessible, the memory function is the same as the Gamecube, I believe. Don't hold me to this word, as I have never owned a Gamecube, I have only seen its memory setup from a friend's house.

Console setup:
Here are the major flaws with the system: The controllers can be activated if any button is pressed, so if you were to sit on it, it would drain the battery in the remote. I find this extremely annoying, since the remotes often get placed on top or below my other gaming controllers, draining the battery until I move it when I play it later, often leading to having my Wiimote stop working in the middle of a game, which isn't very fun. Another flaw is that the buttons on the console are a bit small, and it can lead to pressing the wrong button on the console in rare cases. The worst flaw in this is that the cooling fan is on the bottom. That's right, the fan is on the bottom of the console. This means that you basically have to use the Console stand, which isn't very sturdy, or you'll have to put the console horizontally, which is what I have done. Even on the stand, you can hear the fan overworking and it doesn't sound very pretty. Also, the built in memory is only 512 MB, so it wont last you very long if you plan to buy a lot of Virtual Console games. They make you buy SD cards, which is a portable stick of memory that goes on to the slot below or to the left of the disc slot, depending whether your console is vertical or horizontal. They usually cost anywhere from $25-30, I usually see them priced at $27.99 USD. This is really annoying, as if you want to bring your saved game data, you have to have a SD card, whereas with the PS2 you can have your memory card, 360 has the detachable Hard drive, etc. The only good thing you can get out of use of the SD card is from the Picture Channel, where you can view, edit, and send the pictures on you SD card to your friends if you have pictures on there. Another thing is that the system's Optical disk light comes on whenever you get a message, and if you are away on vacation, it becomes a waste of power, but luckily this can be turned off.

One thing you have to watch out for is that if you have WiiConnect24( having the Wii on internet access even when it is off, which is pointless, as when you turn it on it would the messages sent to you anyway) on and you are going to have you Wii off for a long time, you can overheat the system, since WiiConnect24 means that the console is working, but the fan is not operating. If it builds up too much heat, the console will break from heat damage to its internal components.

Meh. Looks like a very slightly upgraded PS2 to me. Very disappointing, Nintendo could easily have done something better with this part without making it cost $500. They look fairly smooth with some games, Excite truck looks decent, Twilight Princess looks pretty good too. But it's definitely not your PS3 or XB360, get one of those if you plan to hook up a console to an HDTV. I've never tied it,b ut even with the Hi-Def cables for the Wii, there isn't much of a difference, at least from what I've seen.

Online service:
It's pretty good, except Nintendo doesn't do much at all with it. They have the Virtual console, which is pretty much a waste of money, It's cheaper to just buy a Nintendo 64 on ebay and get the games. They charge you $10 for N64 games, 8 for Turbografix(I think that's the name of the system) games, 6 for SNES, 5 for NES. Pretty overpriced, if you ask me. I only have Star Fox 64 and Zelda OoT. That's twenty bucks, thank you very much. There's also Wii Ware, which has Internet Channel, Everybody votes channel, and an MP3 preview channel for the good ol' US of A. The stuff they put there is free at first, then they throw a price tag on it after a while just because. The Internet channel is pretty useful, but makes no sense because since you have to be within a range from a router, that means a computer is there right? So why don't you use that instead? They probably have it just to show people what the Wii can do.

That's pretty much everything there is to the Wii without going into any of the games.

My suggestion: Buy this console if you have a kid who wants to play video games, there a a lot of titles for a younger audience. Also buy this if you don't want to spend loads of cash on a higher priced system, this one has some pretty decent titles, most of them are stuff like Mario Party 8, Cooking Mama, Wii play, etc. But DO NOT get this if you are looking for some more mature stuff, most of the stuff like Scarface and RE4 Wii edition, they've already been released on other consoles. Not much point in buying them again unless you haven't played them yet. And the #1 hit for the Wii, Metroid Prime 3... look it up on Gamespot, that'll give you something. And the fact that the game is part of a series, it won't reach out to as many people.

If you are looking for a really good gaming opportunity, get the Xbox 360 core system, which priced at 280, is only 30 bucks more than the Wii.

Hopefully you liked this review and don't forget, different people have different opinions. You may buy one and love it, and thats fine and dandy with me. Just make sure you read other reviews to see what you like.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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