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Since this is my first Review for a Console that is new [I.E: still being supported, going to be out for a while], I am going to send put in multiple scores for a couple of these sections. I am also adding a "Features" section because this is the First console I have reviewed that does more than play games.


The Wii originated as a way to completely revolutionize the way we play Video Games today, and in 2004 it was announced that Nintendo was creating a new Console that would change EVERYTHING. The Wii [then known as "Revolution"] was soon revealed to use a motion sensing Remote as a controller. The expectations were high, the people saw what could be done, and hype amassed for the System. Even though it was much weaker than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, people saw the remote and were enthralled. Then we found out more things, like the ability to make your own Avatar [Mii], and DOWNLOAD old games for several systems. Well, when it was finally released on November 19th in 2006, the people were ready.


In under one year, the Wii [according to Next Gen] has amassed over Thirteen Million sales, passing the Xbox 360's Twelve Million, and surpassing the Play Station 3's Five Million. The Wii has a very low price [250 bucks!], and has been able to swarm out there very quickly. Sadly, it has been mostly Casuals buying the game for Wii-Sports that I have seen buying it, hopefully once Nintendo can get more of these out there more people can buy the REAL games. So the Wii is doing an excellent job in sales, and Nintendo makes money on them so good for everyone.

The System: 9

The Wii is a small white box [kind of looks like an iPod] with a disc slot, a couple controller and memory card ports [for the Game Cube], and a couple other slots. The Wii does look very nice; the design beats all of the other ones Nintendo has made so far. And it is just so small, compact, and durable compared to the big and bulky 360 and PS3. Although this is a result of having less hardware in it, it is nice being able to find a spot that I can put my Wii without worrying about it breaking the shelf. All in all, the Wii is a sexy little box that is durable, and it should look nice wherever you put it. Now Nintendo bring out a few other colors.

The Controller: 9

The Wii-mote is amazing, coming from all of the time I have spent with this thing over the last year I love it. The Wii-mote shares the same excellent design of the Wii being a small shiny white plastic remote, with an attachable peripheral that is like the middle prong on a Nintendo 64 Controller. You can even add a Gun Shell to it soon, that will be used in games like Ghost Squad and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. Nintendo is even making some other add-ons for the Remote, and some companies have made shells for it. This motion sensing Remote is one of the best things I have ever used to play a game, and it adds such a feeling of Immersion to the games I own now. As long as you get a Wii-mote with a good wrist strap [because those things can go flying into someone] you will be all right.

Features: 7

The Wii can do several things. You are capable of making your own Mii [a little cartoony thing that can go into some games], and you can also browse several "Channels". There is one where you can shop for things like retro games, a Web Browser and the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Preview Channel. You can look up the news and the weather, and you can vote on things in a Survey Channel. The Wii is also capable of playing Nintendo Game Cube games, so you can now get rid of that thing which has become a paperweight over the last couple years. All in all, at least the Wii proves that Nintendo can make other things to make the people who do more than play games happy, although you won't really use some of this stuff a lot.

Now that I am updating this review, I have noticed that the Multiplayer for the Wii is not very good yet, the Friend Codes and Wi-Fi was a simplistic bare-boned attempt by Nintendo to compete in Multiplayer in my mind. But at least its free.

Graphical Power: 7

This is tough for me, the Wii is a Next Gen system for the Seventh Generation of consoles, yet the Graphics are only above Xbox 1by a little bit. So what do I really say, the Wii is underpowered compared to the rest of what is out there, and the Devs can't really do as much as they want now. Hell most of them can't really make anything look good on there, I have seen gorgeous PS1 games, yet the Wii has some games that look like Nintendo 64 games. So far, all that really shows the power of the Wii is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [I mentioned that in my Review for it... shameless plug for that Review by the way]. And it also does not use much High-Def, all you have are cables for the lowest quality ones, compare that to the 1080i on the PlayStation 3 and you have comparing Super Mario Bros to Super Mario 64 graphics. It's clear which one is better. But all of that aside, some people can do a lot with the Wii, from the pictures I have seen of Super Mario Galaxy it is an incredible looking game, and if all Wii games looked that good, then people would not be so whiny about it. Yes the Wii is much weaker than the other big dogs, but there is still some incredible artistry on some games, so I won't really take many points off.

Sound Capabilities: 7

The Wii uses a larger disc than the Game Cube so more sound can be put in the discs, and some games use high quality surround sound. I will just explain this easily for you guys, if you were happy with the last gen, everything will sound fine to you. Although if you are an audio-phobe who notices every little thing about the sound I don't think you will dig em very much.

Game Media: 7

The Wii uses Optical Discs for its games, and this is a vast improvement over the Game Cube discs. Now there can be more data put on the discs than the last gen for Nintendo, but really it isn't anything we haven't seen before. But the games have had some updates stored on them that update your console [Super Paper Mario and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for me] so that is pretty nice of them. The discs are pretty much bare bones, but they do what you need them to do, so I am happy.

The Games: [Current Rating] 6, [Expected Rating by end of Lifespan] 8 or 9

I am currently mixed on the games for the Wii. I had very high expectations for what was on there, but I was disappointed. So far some Developers have proven that they can use the software well, but a lot of them are blowing it. I have been seeing a lot of excrement poor games with terrible graphics and horrid Wii-mote controls. So far, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is the only Wii game I have played that shows any real promise for the hard core gamer who wants to play real games. But for the Non gamer, there are a lit of "non-games" like Cooking Mama or Brain Age, personally I did enjoy Trauma Center: Second Option but a lot of these games remind me of the gimmicky stuff that bombed on the DS when it came out 3 years ago. But I am hopeful that it gets better because this is just the first year.

Suggested Games: [as of this review 8-31-07]

Call of Duty 3, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Heatseeker, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metal Slug Anthology, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, Red Steel, Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, Super Paper Mario, Trauma Center: Second Opinion, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Wii Sports.


Innovative, incredible potential, 250 bucks, VIRTUAL CONSOLE!!!


Weaker hardware, lack of good games currently, Weak online service compared to Live, Developers can't use hardware to full potential yet, no Rareware games on Virtual Console.

Should you get it:

Yes you should, there are currently some great games on there amid the landfill of failed gimmick-games, and soon there will be even more. And even if you don't want it that bad, it's 250 bucks so you can use it as an alternate system to go with your Xbox 360 or your Playstation 3.


Even though the Wii is having a slow start games-wise, there is incredible potential, and even though it was thought to be another Virtual Boy... I think that ain't going to happen now. The Wii is doing well, and soon the great games will be pouring in.

[Current Rating] 6.5
Expected Rating by end of Lifespan] 8 or 9

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/04/07, Updated 12/10/07

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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