Review by netman70

Reviewed: 09/17/07

A quick review for an awesome system

The wii was highly anticipated by gamers after the Gamecube dissapointment. The wii offers a great alternative to the button mashing controllers.

Graphics 7/10
True the wii graphics are not on par with the 360 or the PS3. It does not display in HD,BUT the graphics are still pretty good in my opinion. I like how the Miis(little avatars) look in wii sports. Legend of Zelda Twilight princess is also really nice.

Controller 10/10
Nintendo really outdid themselves with the wii remote. The controller features a controll pad, a big A button, a B trigger, home - and + buttons, it lastly has 1 and 2 buttons. Even if it doesnt allways respond perfectly with your movements but it usually does respond to movements perfectly about 90% of the time. There is also a nunchuk controller which sports some motion capibilites. It has an analog stick, a C button, and a Z button.

Sound 9/10
The sound qualites are very good if you have half-way decent speakers. What really suprised me was the little speaker in the remote. The remote speaker offers good quality sound.

Design 10/10
The system itself the remote and the nunchuk all look great. The system is a small rectangle with a power button, reset button, eject button, and a slot to insert your discs. The remote and nunchuck feel great in your hands. The remote looks like in general a remote. The nunchuk looks like a curved piece of plastic designed to fit nicely in your hand.

Game Library 7/10
The selection of games at launch was good but could have been much better. LoZ TP was availible at launch with other great games but if other games like Super Mario Galaxy would have been alailible at launch it would have been great.

Virtual Console 6/10
The wii has some virtual console games at launch. Some people might say that they are to expensive. I think its $5 for NES, $8 for SNES, and $10 for n64. I say it's worth it to play classics like Chrono Trigger and Super Mario 64 again. Some VC games require a Classic controller thats about $20. The Classic controller looks like a SNES controller with some extra buttons by the L and R buttons. It also has the + - and home buttons.

Other Notes
The wii has a low price but lacks a few things its competetorsdo not. It has no hard drive so you almost need a memory card. It has 512m of memory on the system but some of the vitrual consol games need lots of that memory to be stored on the system. Even though it has its flaws I stand by my score of 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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