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"Great games, great hardware, lots of fun!"

Several days back I got my hands on a Nintendo Wii. I had to pay a lot for it, though. In some respects, I'm very glad I did get one. The graphics of the games I played on it were out of this world! The games themselves are of a quality that is to the extreme. But I had some major problems with the hardware. I don't think it is very well manufactured, and I had some pretty issues with it. In the end, it was almost completely broken after two days. Overall, I have to give it a 9/10.

The graphics of the Nintendo Wii are truly of the next generation! They make the N64 graphics look like that of the NES. The vertex and pixel shading hardware really makes a significant difference. Textures are now rendered with a sheen and realism unmatched by the PS/2, XBox 360 or even my fast new PC.

The game Legend of Zelda really does a good job taking advantage of these new graphics capabilities. The rendering of the enemies shields is truly awe inspiring. The buildings and trees also look a lot better, because the increased texture hardware allows for more detailed textures to be loaded and applied.

The TV remote-style controller was really cool until I dropped it. It allowed for a wide range of movement that traditional controllers could not handle. This really helps with games like Red Steel, where one needs the agility and mobility offered by only this revolutionary type of controller.

But things went bad after I dropped the controller onto my carpeted floor. The batteries came out, and so did the spring that holds them in. I tried to put it back in there, but it just wouldn't work afterwards. I didn't think I could fix it, so I had to buy a whole new controller from Wal-Mart.

I give it 5/10 just because even with the poor quality, it really is futuristic. I predict that all consoles will be offering such excellent control devices in the near future.

ONLINE: 0/10
I am very disappointed with the online experience. I could not get it to work. I would plug in my network cable that works just fine with my four PCs and my laptop. But my Nintendo Wii could not obtain an IP address via DHCP! It would sit there for about three minutes, and then it would give me a very cryptic error message on the screen: "CANNOT COMPUTE." I'm not a computer or a networking expert, so I don't know what that message means, or how I can fix my problem.

I had to give the multiplayer support a 0/10. This was done because of the many networking troubles I encountered! I still am not sure why it didn't work with my network. I followed all the instructions, but that "CANNOT COMPUTE" message was really confusing. Even the manual does not mention that error message, so I have no idea why it would be showing up. This happened with all of the games I tried, including DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 and Legend of Zelda and even Wii Sports! So if I had been able to play games multiplayer-style over my network, then I would have been able to give it a higher rating. But unfortunately, I have to give it 0/10.

SOUND: 4/10
The sound was really fantastic at first, but then I don't know what happened to it. It started getting very static-y and the sound just wasn't of the quality I was expecting. I attribute this problem to a general lack of hardware quality that my Nintendo Wii displayed. But when it worked, it was top notch! I think it was much better than the sound of my XBox 360. The bass was a lot better.

The games for the Nintendo Wii are fantastic. While my Wii was still working, I played DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. It has truly awesome graphics, and superb controls. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is another great game. It brings forth the quality and fun of the previous Smash Bros. games for the N64, but updates them with some of the greatest 3D graphics I have ever seen. The games are truly the highlight of the Nintendo Wii.

The Nintendo Wii is a very safe system, but I think the controller may be dangerous. Before my controller suffered from breakage, I had gotten a seriously bad blister on my thumb. It popped, and hurt a lot. So I think maybe you should be careful with the controller if you wish to avoid serious finger injury.

I had some very serious problems with my Wii unit itself. I don't think it is very well made at all. I wanted it to cool properly, so I stood it up on top of a book that was sitting on my carpeted floor. While I was playing DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, it tipped over for some reason. When it hit the carpet, it broke somehow. The disc that was in it sort of came half out, and I think the insides got jangled. I tried to take the disc out, but it was stuck. I couldn't push it back in, either. I ended up using pliers, but the disc broke in two. I'm not sure at this point what I can do to fix my Wii, but it's so very broke.

My Wii was a lot of fun at first. I paid a lot for it, so that wasn't very fun, but I had a royal time playing DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. I think it was the most fun I have ever had playing a Nintendo console. But then the problems arose, and now I am without my Wii. It is not fun not being able to play with the Wii that I payed so much to get. I cried for about three hours. So that is why I give it a 3/10.

FINAL SCORE: 88/100 on the above criteria = 88% = approx. 9/10
I really liked the graphics and the games for my Wii. They are both truly revolutionary. They are next-generation, but playable this generation!

However, the hardware is something else! It is very easy to break, unfortunately. I think it may be because it is poorly manufactured. Be very careful with your controller. Don't drop it, and be careful when taking out the batteries. The little metal spring may come out. Be very cautious about where you put your Nintendo Wii console. If it happens to tip over and fall 2" onto a carpeted surface, it may break, and it may jam your game disc inside.

Even with the hardware problems, I'd still recommend it. The games and graphics are top-notch, at least while they are working. Maybe if you're careful with your Wii, it won't break so easily like mine did. Good luck, and fun gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/08

Game Release: Wii Hardware (EU, 12/08/06)

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