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"Wii will Wii Will rock you!"

This is my first Nintendo console, and I admit that I was not fond of the remote control style gamepad. However, I look at the competition, and quickly realize how “awesome” the Nintendo Wii really is. With shortages everywhere, the Nintendo wii is one of the most sought after consoles in this decade.

Price: (10/10)
Honestly, where else can you buy a console for $250. Sure the PS3 and Xbox 360 has nice graphics, but look at the price tag. The games for 360 and PS3 are also expensive; most of their games cost $60. However, most of the Wii's games are $50 or less.

Size: (10/10)
The size of this thing is pretty small. It is about the size of three DVD cases. This is the smallest of the three consoles, and also the quietest. When I first brought this home, I did not know that there was a fan.

Library: (5/10)

I don't want to “bash” the Wii, but I have to be honest. The Wii library is very lacking. Of course, I am not speaking about the amount of games, but about the quality. There are numerous amounts of games released to the Wii, but most of these games are horrible. Games that have a bad story, horrible graphics, or even bad gameplay/controls. Yeah, the Wii is not supposed to be praised for its graphics ability, but most of these horrible games are barely meet the PS1 graphics quality. It really is not Nintendo's fault, but merely the third party games. These game developers keep on releasing half complete games that are bought by a uninformed consumer.

Controls: (9/10)

The main attraction of the Wii is the Wii remote; this is also known as the “Wiimote.” The wiimote utilizes bluetooth to connect to the console. There are also many other components to the wiimote: the speaker, infrared pointer, and the attachment port. The wiimote also features 16kb of memory, which can be used for storing miis. The infrared pointer is located on the front of the wiimote; it connects to the sensor bar, it has released infrared light, through infrared connection. The infrared connection can be a good or bad connection type. The wii does not need to have the sensor bar, but it just needs some sort of infrared source. Most people noticed this when they disconnected the sensor bar and just lit some candles. However, I am clumsy so I would probably knock a candle down and start a fire. Anyways, use the sensor bar or buy a wireless sensor bar if there is no room by the television. The attachment port can connect to many objects; the nunchuk, classic controller, and even the guitar hero wireless guitar.

Virtual console: (8/10)

Another attraction is the virtual console. Games can be bought through the wii shop channel. These games require “points” which can be bought at any retail for $20. Most games require the classic controller attachment, and that also costs $20. However, many would argue that Nintendo is just making money off old games. These same people would say that you could get these same games through illegal methods for free. I actually tried emulating a game, but it was not as fun as playing the classics on the wii. Sure, they may get the games for free, but it is much for fulfilling to play on a tv than a small computer screen.

Overall: (8/10)

The wii is not perfect, but no console is perfect. The game library may be bad at this moment, but better games will be release over the wii's life. There are numerous amounts of features in this little console, and it only costs $250. If you can find this console, then go out and buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/04/08

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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