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A revolution began with the Nintendo's quirky Wii console. The first step in actual motion control that could detect and sensor more than a simple wireless controller. The Wii allows you to tilt, turn, spin, and push your controller to accomplish whatever it is you need to get done. I was simply amazed at the power of the Wii and the world should be too!

And what's this? Hidden away is the Wii Sports game. Yes, you get a free game with your Wii and it's the ultimate game that acts as an amazing tutorial to the Wii's power and abilities.

Upon setting up your Wii, you'll notice a television like setup. Nintendo implemented a channel like menu where each game or accessory you have will show up. There's the game channel where you can play Wii games that are currently inserted in the console or you can play Gamecube games because thankfully the Wii is backwards compatible. Other useful channels let you purchase games to a “virtual console” -- old popular games ranging from the Nintendo 64 to the Sega Master System. Nintendo was nice and only charges you $5 to $10 for these great titles. Also available are independently designed Wiiware games that may cost a little more. There is also a channel where you can browse upcoming Wii and DS games and download demos to your DS. I was a little weary of this menu setup when I first started gaming but I feel that it really works for the Wii.

If you're up for waiting a little bit, you can browse the news and forecast channels that are surprisingly in-depth to see what's going on in the world. Or you could pop up the internet channel and just go online. Naturally, some of these channels require Wi-Fi in your residence.

The first thing you should try out is the Mii channel. You'll be presented with a few options but you're really creating a simple avatar to use in Wii Sports and occasionally you'll use in other Wii games as a bonus mini game. You can create quite a few Mii's that essentially chill in your plaza and can be transferred to friends' Wiis. Overall, Nintendo did this right. I do wish there were more options but beggars can't be choosers.

As far as the library goes, there are the standard Nintendo A-list titles such as Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Plus many quirky titles that make use of the Wii's abilities but there aren't enough truly great games out. You can't really have a Wii gaming library as of now. However, you can be optimistic. There are many confirmed titles coming out in the next year or so that will be great and then the library may exist but you're going to have to wait a bit.

Another thing you'll notice about the Wii and coincidently has been true during the Gamecube generation as well, that the graphics are not as good as the competitors. Namely the PS3 and 360. Nintendo has already realized this but they are targeting a larger audience then just the harder gamers who want real-life graphics. If I had to say what they do compare to, think PS2 and that's essentially what the Wii's graphics appear as. There are times when they purposely have lego-like graphics (Wii Sports) but that's just to use your Mii's in the game.

The Wii has does have a small hard drive to save games and save your virtual console purchases. But if you plan to get a lot of games then you'll need a standard SD memory card similar to what you'd use in a digital camera. On top of the system are slots for Gamecube controllers and Gamecube memory cards if you plan to play those games or a compatible game for the Wii with use of the controllers. However, I really believe the Wii has way too many accessories. And normally each accessory is compatible with one game so it's useless besides that. Examples are the steering wheel for Mario Kart, the Wii Balance board, or just the Wii Sports' attachments to make you feel like you're holding a tennis racket. My wish would be to make use of each accessory in a variety of games.

Want Advice?

Hold off on the Wii for now. They're a pain to locate and once you find one you'll only have a few games to enjoy. Wait till costs go down, more game come out, and the controllers are perfected. It is then, that you'll really enjoy what the Wii has to offer. Unless of course you really love what's out and you're willing to dedicate your time to tracking down a wii – then you should go for it. I love it and don't regret wasting my time tracking one down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/24/08, Updated 04/22/09

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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