Review by mfinkle

Reviewed: 07/10/08

Wii Will rock you!

Ahh the Wii, maybe Nintendo's best system yet. It's hard to find a video game system that your family will enjoy these days, so that's what Wii is for. Family. Fun. Entertaining. I got 2 extra games that came with mine and I am still loving it. This is my review for the Nintendo Wii.

Console Graphics- 8/10
The Wii's graphics does not match up to PS3 or XBOX360 but graphics don't matter. It is a huge improvement to the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo 64 though. Even if it does slightly match up to Gamecube graphic you will still enjoy the game your playing.

Console size- 10/10
The Wii looks like a masterpiece. You will save up alot of space compared to the PS3 and XBOX360 size. If you have/will put your Wii on a shelf then it will most be in good condition instead of setting on a carpet or the ground. But the choice is yours. It will always fit well, even on a shelf it will always fit well.

Online play- 10/10
Ok iv'e enjoyed going online with the Nintedo Ds but now it gets even better that now you can play online with the Nintendo Wii. You can enjoy the online by wirelessly, a USB connector, or a wired connection. As long as you have a fast internet connection you will have no problems getting ready at all. There are a good number of games that support oline via Nintendo Wifi connection. You can exchange wii friend codes or register someone through e-mail or Cell phone. If you like talking to other people differently, than the friend code system is yours.

Backwards compatibility-10/10
The Wii has the best backward compatibility of this gen. It plays ALL of the Nintendo Gamecube games. You can buy and download your favorite games from the past on the Wii shop channel, yes even if it's the NES to the Sega Genisis. However, the most expensive thing on the wii shop channel are N64 games which are 10$ for 1 game. But the most smallest thing you can buy off it are NES games which are only 5$ for 1 game. Trust me it's worth it.

Sound quality- 9/10
When it comes to sound with a next gen system the wii sounds great in surround sound. But the music in most games are very relaxing and very enjoyable that the whole family will love it. It may not have the best sounds, but you wil always enjoy them. Even if it does have a few beeping sounds in some games.

You basiclly control the Nintendo Wii with a Wii remote( or Wiimote) and a nunchuk for most games. You can make the hand move with the sensor bar and motion sensor. If your sick of wired controllers and wanna play a new game style then Wii is the system for you. If you play Baseball or any other sport, then you will definetly be a pro at Wii sports. But if you don't wanna use the Wiimote and nunchuck no more then you can buy a Wii classic controller. It has the style of a SNES controller but with a few extra buttons. It is just like using a NES style wiimote.

Maybe it can be the games that what the system so great. Well, the Wii is the one with great child games. So far there are some great games out there like No more heros, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl,Resident Evil 4, and many more. But to get you started on playing that you will get to play Wii sports, the game included with the Wii will be a great start for you. With the great possibility of online gaming, the future looks great for the Wii. The games may be better than the console itself but probley not though. But you will still enjoy Wii sports for a while entil you are ready to buy yourself a new game.

Out of all-10/10
I'm more than impressed with the Nintendo wii. it has a parental control option, it has the best games out there. The menu is also good, if you want a console that your whole family will enjoy, than Wii is the system for you. Also, you can play your favorite gamecube games on it, play your favorite old games and new games. A good online. Probley the best next gen system out there and may always be the best,always.

Is it recommended?

Of course it is, What can you go wrong with it? A small price, great games, everything you colud ask for. If your a Nintendo fan(or a gamer) than the Wii is the console for you! It just makes me want to play my own Wii! You will always enjoy and love the Wii.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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