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*Sighs* And I really high hopes of this system. With all it's hype of "bringing smiles to your face". Well, I'm not smiling. If Nintendo wants to market a future system, it should cater to all fans (casual and hardcore alike). I mean, I understand that they want total freedom. But for me, this isn't really working out right. It's practially Gamecube all over again.

Marketing - 4/10
The recent E3 2008 made me like the Wii even less. Because you gotta be a crowd pleaser. Saying that they're now just introducing the Wii Motion Plus having 1:1 motion control capabilities. Well, they should have thought of this in the firs place.

Nintendo, if you're gonna "wow" me. I want to see some actual games that also cater to the hardcore fans. GTA: Chinatown Wars is good, well for those that like these franchise. But games like the Zelda series would've been more better.

Music - 8/10
Well, it's no MP3/CD quality music.. It's still nice to listen to games. Still, it would be better if they were to resort to MP3/CD quality music for their Wii related games.

Library - 7/10
I understand that the Wii has great games. But sadly, they're less than stellar game versions that also release on the 360 and the PlayStation 3. Perhaps at the turn of '09. I may have a different opinion.

Presentation of Miis - 6/10
Cute in all. Though, I'd prefer 3D-life like models of your caracatures. Instead of stick figury people that slightly resemble their respective person.

Well, to this day. I still laugh at how Nintendo tries to present their Miis, as compared to when looking at PS3's Home or 360's Experience project. These Mii's unfortunately just fall flat, and even watching them on Wii Music just makes it more embarrasing.

Controls - 10/10
Well, at least Nintendo did something right for a change. Which's include free-form movement. So I can't complain here. Though, as for the E3 press conference. They should've thought about the 1:1 Motion Plus controller even before hand when they were about to release Wii.

Overall 5

Sorry Nintendo, but I'm really not impressed. If you can manage to get RPG developers like; Atlus, N1 (Nippon Ichi), more of SQUARE ENIX. Then my opinion of you may go slightly higher.

Sadly, Wii's like an open book. It's predictable and will get hardcore fans cringing.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/20/08

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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