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"A sleek system with a lot of features."

It's late 2005, and the Revolution was announced. It said it would have motion controls in 3 dimensions. If you motioned like you swung a sword, you swung it in-game. Also, it would be done with a remote controller, which was completely new for video games. At first, we thought it would not be accurate, and how we were going to play the games. In 2006, it was officially named the "Wii". We then saw that it came in different colors. It was more than that though. The games, controls, graphics, pretty much everything. A very fun system.

First of all, let's talk about the external design of the console. It is a white, skinny, square-like shape, and very small, especially when compared to the other current generation consoles. It is comparable in size to a SNES or NES. If there is no room for many objects, it can fit, as it is just as wide as 3 DVD cases. You can also lay it sideways or vertical(with the stand.) Anyways, on the front of the Wii is the disc loading slot,(which automatically takes the disc) the SD card slot for memory and for the photos, the Power, Eject, and Reset buttons. On the top are 2 flaps; one that has 4 Gamecube controllers slots, and the other for the memory cards. It can be used for Gamecube games and a few Wii games. It also works for most Virtual Console games. The back has two USB ports, a fan to keep the system cool, a Sensor Bar port to point, the A/V Multi Out, and the AC Adapter port. It is really nice and looks good.

Next, the Wii Remote is really comfortable. It is the shape of a remote, and on the front side, it has a regular D-Pad, an A button, +,-, & Home to take you to where you can quit the game or adjust Wii Remote settings, a small speaker, and a 1 & 2 buttons. Flip it over, you see a trigger button, which is the B button. It has motion controls that work wonderfully. It can be used sideways and vertical. Also, see the expansion port on the bottom? You can attach controllers that expands the features of the controller, such as a Nunchuk which provides an analog stick, and 2 buttons, Z and C, and it includes motion, too. The Wii Remote is very comfortable and revolutionary.

The graphics are very good. It can go up to 480p, but when you look at games like Brawl you can see that the Wii can look as good as the 360 and PS3.

Finally, the features for this system are excellent. Although if you lack Wi-Fi, it can become lacking, with online you can get many new channels. Also you can download old games for little cost over the Wii Shop Channel. From the NES, to the N64, and even a few third-party systems. They control really well with the right controller. There are also many games for it. They are enjoyable and many are considered one of the best games of all-time, like Super Mario Galaxy.

The Wii is a system for everyone. And for $250 dollars, not only do you get a console and a Wii Remote and Nunchuk, you get a free game called Wii Sports! It is fun to play and get your high scores on. The Wii is the best system ever, as it plays games from that console, and older ones. Buy it now, if you can even see it in stores.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/03/09

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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