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Reviewed: 05/04/09

Wii want more...

2009 first quarter wii check up

Is it me or does the wii at this point in time look like its going down a very steep hill without any brakes? It sure seems that way, first quarter 09 was a horrible period for the wii, and Nintendo its self as well.

Game library 3/10
At this point they have had at least 20 to 30 game titles that have bombed so far overall, and several titles this year that no one has cared about, or just sucked. In fact, the one game that very well could have been the wiis saving grace, fatal frame 4, was cancelled in the UK and United States. Nintendo better smarten up soon, and stop with this family friendly B-S,or they will have serious fan base trouble on their hands. They cant keep up with other consoles because their game library is mediocre, excluding smash bros. brawl, no more heroes, mad world, house of the dead overkill, twilight princess, and possibly no more heroes 2. Wii want fatal frame 4!

console design/durability 9/10
The wii was really the only seemingly unique console for this generation, lets face it, Nintendo was the best of the best when it came to the quality of their consoles, I had a gamecube dropped down my stairs twice by accident, and it still worked perfectly. I haven't really had any accidents with my wii so far. The only thing that has happened was I had to get a new wii-mote sensor, because the first one didnt pick up the controllers at all. The sensor is overall my only problem with the design of the console itself. If you dont have a convenient place to mount the thing it works like crap, but thats not really a major issue for most people. As to to the wiis design, well its alright, its pretty simplistic really. It just looks like a strange white box with a piece of grey plastic and 2 buttons attached to it, and a semi-bright LED light on the disk drive. the controllers are okay too, they are also simple, if you have the sensor set up correctly they are pretty easy to use except on virtual console and gamecube games.

Virtual console 9/10
As to the virtual console, I dont mind it, I just wish Nintendo would stop working on re releasing older games and work on some new ones that arent just kiddy games. The wii-mote isnt really fun to use on the virtual console games, so unless you have a gamecube controller, you arent really going to get the most out of the games you purchase, but its not a major problem. The game releases span from original Nintendo arcade releases to the N64 era, and the majority of the virtual console games are at the very least decent.

Graphics 6/10
Nintendo never said they would have excellent graphics for their console, but I think most of us did expect a little bit more than we got from them. The graphics for the wii are not terrible, but they sure as hell arent worth bragging about. When I played smash bros. brawl for the first time, I literally didnt feel like I was playing a next gen game, I felt like I was playing the gamecube still, but with weird controllers. The less noticeable releases graphics tend to be quite low quality, some look dated back to the dreamcast era.

online play 7/10
With the wii, online play is mediocre. The tedious task of entering a huge code just to play with a friend on brawl is kind of ridiculous, not to mention the fact that the code doesnt even register correctly half of the time. Online play isnt even availible on alot of games either, so really there isnt any point in even trying to play online with friends. In games where you can play online, but need to communicate with teamates, you cant because you cant hook up a mic to your system. I must admit though, most of the time, when it does work, the online, for the most part, is quite enjoyable.

presentation(interface, dashboard online stores) 9/10
The interface is pretty top notch for the wii, so there isnt very much to complain about here. The virtual console store is neat and easy to navigate. The dashboard is straight forward and not at all hard to navigate, there arent many problems here, accept the occasional glitch, which I dont know, much about as for the dashboard, but my friend had a glitch on his dashboard and he just ended up reseting his console, so its no big deal.

At this time there is no logical reason to buy a wii or any games for it besides the ones above, unless you want a library of kiddy games, and music games. Up till now I havent had any problems with Nintendo's consoles, they have been pretty much top notch, not that this one wont be, just at this point there is no real reason to get a wii, Especially if you are a hardcore gamer, like myself. To all of you hardcore gamers, if you plan to get a wii at all, be sure that you have another console to keep you occupied as well. This quarter the wii has landed an overall of 6.8/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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