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"Two and a half years in...did it live up tp the hype?"

I got the Wii on release date and what a fun experience it was. I played Wii Sports for 3-4 hours. It was one of the most fun games I have ever played. Little did I know that the Wii would not really 'appeal' to the hardcore audience. Two and a half years later here is my opinion of the Wii console.

Graphics 5/10- Nintendo has stated several times that they care more about gameplay than graphics. I totally agree on this, but when the graphics look like last generation something is not right. A few games look like games from the Gamecube when it first released. However, there are some 'better' looking games for Wii. Super Mario Galaxy is one of the most beautiful games for Wii, along with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Those two games, in my opinion, are the nicest looking games for Wii to date. I also want you to note that I do have a great TV and the 480p cables as well.

Gameplay 8/10- Nintendo promised to deliver with gameplay, and they did. However, most games feel like they would do better without the motion controls. Now whether that is the game developer's fault or Nintendo's I don't know. Also, the Wii Remote takes a lot of battery power if you have the Nunchuck attached. Another thing is that most of the time the Wii Remote gets out of site of the sensor bar, which could be very annoying. Overall, the gameplay for Wii is revolutionary and it seems too early for its time. However, it does work for certain games, i.e. mostly sport games.

Online Multiplayer 3/10- The online is horrible for Wii. Nintendo wants the Wii to be friendly for all ages, but seriously? With MAYBE 1/4 of all Wii's games supporting online, something is wrong. Friend Codes are stupid, 12 digit friend codes for EVERY game is stupid. It would be okay if you're friend code would be the same for every game but no, they cannot do that. I also bought the first game that featured online support, Pokemon. This game was also horrible, but what did I expect from Nintendo?

Sound 7/10- Nothing much to say here really. Games have nice 8-bit renditions that are pleasant to listen to. However, I would like more 'pump' music if you understand what I mean. Some games I question myself why certain music is put where it is.

WiiWare 6/10- WiiWare is similar to the Xbox 360's Marketplace. You basically just buy games, whether old or new. In my opinion, the games are fairly priced, but with this economy everyone is different. The old games are pretty good, but I would like to see some additions to certain games, such as big titles. Online support for some old games would be nice, similar to how the Marketplace does it.

Games 5/10- Most of Wii's games are mini-games. For some games it works, but for most it does not. However, there are a few good games like Super Mario Galaxy and SSBB.

Memory 3/10- The memory for Wii is horrible. 512 mb of flash memory is not enough. I actually have to delete some of my old saves to play newer games. A hard drive attachment would really be great. However, the games do load saves fast, but it does not make up for the poor memory space.

Bonus Features 8/10- Wii has several bonus features, most if not all are for free. Off the top of my head there is the Mii Channel, Weather Channel, News Channel, Picture Channel, Nintendo Channel, a channel that you can vote, a channel where you can create a Mii and enter it in a contest, etc. These channels are great to do when you are bored. When I first got my Wii I played the Mii Channel for 3 hours. However, I wish the Mii Channel had more options, i.e. clothes, piercings, etc. The only thing I wish Wii had is a DvD Channel. Now to be fair, this is a home video game console, not a multimedia machine, but still every other console features it.

What Console Should I Buy?

I own a Wii and an Xbox 360, and I am soon going to get a PS3 (and of course a PC). I am happy with a PCWii60, but for the sake of materialism I'll get a PS3. Now for which console you are looking for it depends. Do you want a great single player experience with 'fun' controls, get a Wii. Do you want a great online experience and decent single-player, get an Xbox 360. If you want a decent single player experience and a decent online experience get a PS3. Note that Wii is more child friendly than the other two consoles listed above.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 05/18/09

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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