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"The Wii, not made for hardcore gamers"

The Wii is the fifth major console Nintendo has made. The design of the game play was developed by mothers who wanted to keep their children active so they don't get fat from playing video games that have you sit around pressing buttons. Also when Nintendo made the Wii, they decided to appeal to the casual gamer and to pull in new gamers. Unfortunately they turned their backs to the hard core gamers around the world.

Hard Ware: 6
The Wii has converted to a wireless control system. Unfortunately this causes major battery drains for all of the Wii motes, forcing people to buy battery packs to save money on batteries. Also, some games have use for a numb-chuck, an attachment to the Wii mote that allows for more advance game play. A big problem that I have found that to play certain games you have to buy extra attachments, which cost big bucks.

The Wii has also been given the ability to access WiFi, allowing you to buy things off the Wii Shop, like Internet access, games made on past systems, and you can also buy these things and send them to your friends and family as gifts. You can also send messages to said friends and family, but only if you know their Wii's friend code, which is a series of random numbers. Not only does the Wii have a friend code, but the games have codes to, so you can play with specific people.

The Wii has a built in hard drive that doesn't have much space on it. Along with the hard drive, you can use SD cards to store extra data on, also allowing you to take it to other and use your data on. Also you can format the Wii mote to store data on.

You can also transfer your Game Cube games, controllers, and memory cards to your Wii, but any other Game Cube accessories like the Game Cube Game Boy Advance Game Player not use able. A lot of Wii games allow you to use the Game Cube controller.

Game Play: 4
The Game Play consists of motion sensor tech. that can be a real pain. Most games have you doing specific motions that do different things, like to do a vertical slash with a sword you have to move the Wii mote up and down, to do a stab you thrust the Wii mote towards the T.V., and for horizontal slash you move the Wii mote side to side. Unfortunately the sensor bar has trouble picking these moves up if you can do all three at all times, it will usually jumble up the signals making a V slash into a stab, a stab into a H slash, and a H slash into a V slash. I have also heard that if you play these types of games constantly with out a break, you can become dehydrated (Something you couldn't do with a regular controller game.) Luckily a lot of games use mostly regular controls mixed in with the moves. Some games allow you to use the GC controller for certain games making the game easy to play. One last thing about the Wii mote is the fact you can not play any shooters. You have to keep the Wii mote constantly pointing directly at the motion bar without being at any angle or you could move the gun away from the target and lose.

The Games: 3
Like I stated before, this system is made for the casual gamer, and has also been given the title of the "Party System". Most games are made for multiple people to play for long periods of time. Then most of other games that Nintendo made are super easy and quick to finish. It gives casual gamers something easy to do that can take put off making the game seem like it has taken weeks to finish, and hard core gamers a false feeling of accomplishment. Then there are the games that make the hard core gamers buy a Wii, these are the games that were originally on the Game Cube, but their sequel was put on the Wii. These games usually get hard core gamers who remember these games and think that it's going to be good and take a while to beat, but they actually are shorter than the prequel.

Final Recommendation
This system is good if you are an old person trying to stay active, or a little kid, new to the gaming world. It is also good if you want a system with out a challenge. Most likely if anyone who just want to buy the system just for the sequel of a game, buy used, it will save you money, and there are little perks to buying used to, like downloaded games and maybe an SD card.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 08/10/09

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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