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"What the Hell did Nintendo do!?"

The Nintendo Wii, released in 2006, has got to be one of the biggest letdowns in gaming history. Why? Is it the graphics? No. Is it the controls? No. Is it the games? Close, It's the demographic it's self.

Okay Nintendo, appealing to casual gamers is fine, but you've just taken it far out of proportion. Let's take a look.

Graphics: 5/10
One of the biggest complaints with the Wii is it's underwhelming graphics. The Wii is about as graphically powerful as an original Xbox. It's pretty underwhelming by today's standards, but some games still look great like Metroid Prime 3 and Madworld, but compared to other consoles, it's just no good.

Hardware Capabilities: 4/10
The Wii is a very feeble console sporting only 512 MB of flash memory, you can make it bigger with an SD card though. The Wii has very little multi-media potential with no DVD support or music, well, you can listen to music, but you have to be on the photo channel and the Wii only supports AAC files. Now, who the Hell uses AAC files? Exactly. There are two USB slots on the back of the system, but they are only used for a few peripherals, and nothing else.

Controllers: 7/10
The Wii remote is great when it's utilized right in games. The only bad thing is it's pricey value, and overwhelming amount of goofy peripherals. The Wii remote isn't the revolution we hoped for, but it's still intuitive and works well.

Games: 3/10
Here's where the crap really hits the fan. Okay, so back then, the GameCube was not very successfull because of it's lack of 3rd party support. Well, In 2005, Nintendo began experimenting with a casual audience after the DS was released. The result? Lots of money. Nintendo soon decided to make more casual games to make more money, and they also did away with their strict quality control policy on 3rd party companies. The result?


That's right, shovelware. The Wii has been infested with crappy, unfinished games from 3rd parties, and they're crowding on the shelf in appalling numbers. There are good games too, or at least there seemed to be, in 2007. Now, there's hardly anything left. Nintendo still makes good games every now and then, but 3rd parties? Just stay away from them. There are Virtual Console games though, but you better know what you're getting into before thinking about those.

Interface: 8/10
The Wii has a very slick and smooth interface that resembles the Ipod's interface, and you download applications called channels onto your Wii. Most of these channels are pretty useless though, and you won't spend much time at all with them.

Online: 1/10
Online play on the Wii is useless, you need these things called Friend Codes to play with your friends, it's very unintuitive. If you wanna do matchmaking, okay, but don't expect any communication with players, by this, I mean you can't speak with your teammates or opponents, which pretty much defeats the purpose of matchmaking. To make matters worse, you may not be able to play online at all because of some notorious error codes that pop up every time you try matchmaking or even just getting online. This is just a pitiful excuse for online multiplayer.

Overall: 4/10
The casual demographic is what killed the Wii, and Nintendo is to blame. They have wrecked their reputation with gamers with this console, but they don't really care since they're to busy with the casuals. If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer, then You'd probably be better off with another console.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/28/09

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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