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"They almost had it right."


You will never find a gamer on the planet that doesn't know of Nintendo. Nintendo is what made video games mainstream to the point that almost every child and adolescent wanted a system. Looking at the Game-Cube, you can see that Nintendo really screwed up, and didn't try to target everyone in the gaming world. The Nintendo Wii is where all the change has happened, it is a console that targets everyone, may it be kids, teenagers, adults and hardcore gamer's.


The Nintendo Wii is by far the best looking video game system out at this moment. It's very small... about half the size of an X-BOX 360, and it goes well with anything black on the cabinet or wherever you plan to keep it. The only problem I had with the Nintendo Wii's look was that it has a huge grey cord that is for the sensor bar, it looks terrible and gets tangled with everything if you're not a very organised person.


The Nintendo Wii lacks space on its 'hard drive'. You have 512 MB worth of data storage to start off with which. If you need extra data you can buy SD cards to put into your Nintendo Wii. SD cards are very cheap, you can pick up a 4 GB SD card for about $15 - $25. You won't be storing movies or music on your Nintendo Wii so you won't need to worry much about the data storage that Wii comes with default.


No... the Nintendo Wii did not invent these style of motion controls, not even Nintendo came up with the idea. The Sega Dreamcast was the first system to use these style of motion controls. The controls on the Nintendo Wii are brilliant, may you be using the Wii Remote which has very few buttons with or without the Wii-Chuck which is an add on to the Wii Remote to play certain games, you will enjoy the simple and responsive wireless motion controls. For the more basic games you can buy a Wii classic controller that feels like a Super Nintendo controller mixed with a Play-Station 2 controller.


I own all three systems, the Wii has the most variety and the most value when it comes to the games that it has available. There isn't much to say about the games other than you will find something for you because of the huge variety. May it be a platform game such as Super Mario Galaxy or a survival horror game such as Resident Evil 4, you will find something for you or for someone that you happen to be buying a video game for. The only thing that can be a problem is that the Nintendo Wii has overall the least amount of games in total out of the three systems. It currently has about 500 games. Variety happens to be there... unlike the X-BOX 360 and the Sony PS3 which are very generic in what type of games they release, may it be either a First Person Shooter or an action game... that's all you will really be looking forward to on any of those systems.

Graphics and Sound.

The Nintendo Wii does happen to have the worst graphics out of the three systems. If you care heaps about graphics... do not buy a Nintendo Wii or any system in fact, buy a high powered PC. The sound is the same as the other systems, you get games with good music and sound, and you get bad games. The graphics are often compared to Game-Cube graphics, though this is not true as you'd have to be an idiot to think that for example... Metroid Prime 3 doesn't look better than the original Metroid Prime on the Game-Cube. The only thing that is sort of a let down would be that you cannot have High Definition on your Nintendo Wii.


Best thing the Wii has to offer is that you are able to download all your classic Nintendo, Sega, and arcade favourites from the online store. You will be paying between $5 - $15 a game, though it is worth it. The classic controller comes right in handy here, you can enjoy playing Super Mario 64 with Widescreen. This is when you will need an SD card... so you can store all these old classic games that were your childhood or part of your adulthood if you happen to be an elderly gamer.


The online is garbage... and this is where I take off points for the Nintendo Wii which stopped it from being a perfect 10 out of 10. One point off for not being able to play in HD, and two points off for the poor and lack of online game play. There are literally two games that you will use online and nothing else... those two games are Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. You will find people online... though if you want to play with friends or make friends, be prepared for a huge 16 digit friend code instead of a proper username. The games can get lag at times, though only when someone with a bad internet connection joins the game. The online is free for the Wii, though to actually browse the internet, you will need to buy the feature for about $10. If online gaming wasn't a big thing in this generation of gaming... the console would have gotten a 9. If there was no HD gaming... I would have given it a 10.

Buy it?

I think every gamer should buy a Nintendo Wii as it has a lot to offer as mentioned in the review. It's a game console... so don't expect a DVD player or a CD player inside of it. Games I recommend for the Wii would be Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mad World, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, any Mario or Zelda game and Mario Kart Wii. They are my personal favourites on the Nintendo Wii. Have fun and enjoy the brilliant games and nostalgia!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/16/11

Game Release: Wii Hardware (Black) (AU, 03/11/10)

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