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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Maul_Junior

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 12/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This walkthough/eventually FAQ is a product of Maul_Junior enterprises. This 
    may only be posted on Gamefaqs (and Gamespot if they decide to grab it). To 
    post on other places, please get my permission first, via E-mail at 
    December 13, 2006: 
    This is version 0.1, with a basic rundown of what I want to write. I'll 
    write more as quickly as I can as often as I can. Please note at this stage 
    I still need to finish the game (just started on In the Name of the Father), 
    and I have homework, studying, finals, etc to do, so it may take a little 
    Table of Contents:
    1: Introduction
    2: Controls
    3: Story
    4. Walkthrough
    Red Steel is the Nintendo Wii's very first First Person Shooter. Despite the 
    bad reviews that many people have given it, I, personally, enjoy it. It's 
    set in Japan, and features the standard guns that most other First Person 
    Shooters have. However, it also features sword fights, and they were hailed 
    as revolutionary for the Wii's new controllers. Another major feature was 
    the Focus System, which, although it doesn't come in until about halfway 
    through the game, turns Red Steel from a mediocre shooter into an entirely 
    different beast.
    | + |    A     i       1  2     |
    B (underneath main controller)-Shoot gun, throw grenade in an upwards arc
    A-Zoom in (zooming further in or out is controlled by moving the Wiimote 
    towards or away from the screen), Focus Mode (Hold down A button, make a 
    quick forward motion towards screen once unlocked)
    Directional Left-Change Weapon
    Directional Right-Reload
    Directional Down-Activate Grenade throwing (to throw Grenade up, move 
    Nunchuck down or hit B Button while Down button is depressed; to throw 
    Grenade down, move Nunchuck up while Down Button is depressed)
    + Button-Options Menu
    - Menu-Pause Game
    Z Button (top on Nunchuck)-Crouch
    C Button (bottom on Nunchuck)-Jump
    Joystick (Nunchuck)-Strafe
    To move your view around and aim, you simply point the Wiimote at the 
    screen's edges or simply point at who/what you want to shoot at, 
    You are Steve, a bodyguard to a young Japanese woman named Miyu. Right 
    before you tell her father, a Yakuza (basically the Japanese mob), that you 
    want to marry her, a rival Yakuza tries to kill him. It is up to you to stop 
    the assassination. Along the way, you pick up a broken hilt of a sword, and 
    fight off a couple sword-wielding maniacs. Once you escape, it is up to you 
    to rescue Miyu, regain the Sato Clan's honor, and take down the Japanese 
    underworld. Sound like fun?
    Act 1: Sato's Legacy
    Level 1: Bloody Sunset
    As the game opens, you see a girl who you will eventually learn is your 
    fiancee tell you to look at some fish. Not the most exciting of openers, but 
    it gets better, don't worry. This is just to help you get used to the 
    controls. After you look at all the fish, your table is ready.
    Here's one of the first manga cutscenes that reveals that you're an American 
    bodyguard who's fallen in love with the woman he was hired to guard. Plus, a 
    bunch of guys coming in with guns. Eventually, Miyu (the girl) will tell you 
    that you need to get going to meet her dad.
    After this you walk a while to meet her dad, eventually you'll be told by a 
    guard that you won't be able to stay with Miyu. And then some nut with an 
    Uzi comes up and starts shooting at your girlfriend. Just as you run in to 
    do something, one of the bad guys punches you, knocking you out.
    When you come to, there's nobody around but a gun and a dead body or two. 
    Time to grab the gun and get busy. In order to get to the gun, you've got to 
    flip over the table, which creates a really nice dynamic in gunfights all 
    through the game. Get ready, because they'll be tossing you right into the 
    Go across through the door and open the door (Nunchuck), and through the 
    drab gray hallway, out into a lounge where your first real firefight begins. 
    One guy comes through right away, and another two after you start coming 
    around the bar. Use the tables for cover-they certainly will.
    Go through the door they came from, past the restrooms, and once you pass 
    the next corner you'll hear shooting. Get ready, because if you hug the left 
    side of the wall, you'll be able to see the next bad guy a lot sooner. Take 
    him out and another bodyguard will tell you to head to the roof to meet up 
    with your girlfriend and Mr. Sato.
    Follow him out the door and up the stairs to watch him get shot. Take the 
    initiative and kill both of the people in this nice, outdoor pavilion (turn 
    to the right), and then go a little closer towards them to spawn two more 
    Go through the door by the (probably) shattered glass window and you'll come 
    to an art gallery with a bad guy in it. If you're fast with a headshot, you 
    may be able to take him out. Otherwise he'll head for cover behind a bar in 
    a great big restaurantish room with two friends. 
    Once you head up the stairs, you'll meet up with two more targets. Dispatch 
    them using the zoom and tipping over the tables, if necessary. Keep in mind 
    that you're not Rambo. You do have a health bar, and if it falls enough, 
    you'll die. Duck behind a table or some other cover and you'll regain your 
    health after a few seconds.
    Head to the back and exit stage right. This is the first of the cutscene 
    checkpoints that will load you to that point if you need to exit the game 
    for some reason. The others are simply loading points that load if you don't 
    exit the game.
    Walk down the hallway, past the hallway on your right (unless you wanna 
    break the window or look through it at the now-empty kitchen), and through 
    the double doors into the kitchen. Inside are three bad guys. Watch out for 
    the explosive stoves. While they are dangerous, they are just one of the 
    many pretty things that you can blow up for massive damage to enemies. If 
    one does blow up, then the sprinklers turn on. Nothing special except for 
    being pretty
    Head for the door and take out the guy that comes through for your very 
    first Uzi. Followed by a room that has a ton of Uzis. Blow up the propane 
    tanks to make a hole in the wall to a stairwell. On the landing facing you, 
    there will be a tango with a Ps9, and one with an Uzi. Take them out and 
    head up the stairs. When you get to the next landing, the combat music 
    starts up and two more guys jump out of a door behind you. The door they 
    came from ends up in a dead end, so don't worry about it. Head up the sairs 
    to the next landing and take out the pair of guys "guarding" the top of the 
    Head through the open hallway, out past the doors (blow up the cardboard if 
    you want a nice effect), and you'll come to a checkpoint. Walk through the 
    electrical room and you'l hear a helicopter starting up and an explosion. 
    Keep going. You're about to enter the magical realm of the shotgun.
    There's one guy with an Uzi guarding an obviously injured Sato (your 
    girlfriend, Miyu's, dad). Walk up to a checkpoint where he tells you that 
    you guys were ambushed, and that he was slow, and that his daughter got 
    Go up the ladder that's behind you after the cutscene, and take out the two 
    guys spraying bullets at you. Drop down and to your right there will be at 
    least four guys shooting at you, with another guy coming down the opening in 
    front of you and slightly to your right.
    Level 2: Fire Escape
    Level 3: Angel's Heaven
    Level 4: Extreme Wheels
    Level 5: Broken Wing
    Act 2: The Path of the Katana Giri
    Level 6: Burning Trash
    Level 7: Fish Market
    Level 8: Tetsuo's Games
    Level 9: Business Plot
    Level 10: Geisha House
    Act 3: The Ghosts of the Sanro Kai
    Level 11: Blind Date
    Level 12: Night of the Komoris
    Level 13: In the Name of the Father
    Level 14: Reunion
    1.	Guns
    a.	Pistols
    i.	Machine Pistols
    ii.	Uzi
    iv.	MP7
    v.	Semi-autos
    b.	Rifles
    i.	"Scar"
    ii.	Type 89
    iii.	AE Rifle (Sniper)
    c.	Shotgun
    i.	Type 12
    ii.	Shotgun

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