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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Cato269

    Version: V0.11 | Updated: 12/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                              |Legal Stuff|                                  |
    This Walkthrough/Guide FAQ is written by Cato269. There is a list lower showing
    what sites it is allowed to be shown on, but i will also put it here, incase
    you miss this.
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    Hope you enjoy my first ever guide!
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    |  _  // _ \/ _` |  \___ \| __/ _ \/ _ \ |_
    | | \ \  __/ (_| |  ____) | ||  __/  __/ |-|_
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    The Weapon Is In Your Hand| |
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    If you can read the following 3 lines of 79 characters, you can read this guide
    |                             |Version History|                               |
    -=+ 0.1: Started the Red Steel guide
    -=+ 0.7: Equips, Controls, Legal Stuff, General Info, Intro, Do's/Don'ts and
    Missions 1-3 Done. Shown to a few friends to see what they thought.
    -=+ 0.11: Act one guide completed, Hints and Tips added and Credits added.
    First attempt at getting it on www.Gamefaqs.com
    |                              |General Info|                                 |
    Hi! Im Cato269, some of which may know from various forums and online games.
    But Im not here to write something about myself am I? This is my first attempt
    at a guide. Sure, Im going to make a complete fool out of myself, but theres a
    first time for everything, right?
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    |                             |Table Of Contents|                             |
    Use CTRL + F in order to use the find option, then insert the word in the [ ]
    in the box, and click find next in order to skip to that part.
    Mutliplayer Mode--------------------------------------------------------[MULTI]
    Hints And Tips----------------------------------------------------------[HINTS]
    Frequently Asked Questions----------------------------------------------[ASKED]
    |                           |Introduction [INTRO]|                            |
    Red Steel was a launch title for the Nintendo Wii, and is the first real FPS
    for it. Red Steel was built from the ground up and was made exclusively for the
    Wii. It takes full advantage of the controller. However, this also can be a
    problem, for one, your arm gets sore. but hey, all Wii games pretty much makes
    your arm hurt. Red Steel is rather compelling. when you want to stop you want
    to continue. The sword fights has some problems though, for one, sometimes you
    slash left and it registers the slash, going the other way. Real problems, but
    you adjust to the timing. The Wiimote is also hard to start with, but soon, you
    will be getting headshots in no time.
    |                            |Controls [CTRLS]|                               |
    So, I've already mentioned some of the game's control faults. But you need to
    curve around them. Likes all games, if you can't control you can't win. So, Im
    going to list the controls and what they do.
    You've got your Nunchuck and your Wiimote. What can they do? (Default Controls)
        _______ Z - Crouch/Sword  _____________ @ - Power Button
       /|__Z__|\ fierce stance   |@|    _      | WiiMote Move - Aim/Sword Slash/
      /  |_C_|  \ C - Jump/Sword |    _|D|_    | zoom
     /___________\ Dogde         |   |_Pad_|   | D Pad Left - Change Weapon
    |             |              |     |_|     | D Pad Right - Reload
    |             | A+C - Enter  |             | D Pad Down - Hold For Grenades
    |     ___     | focus time   |             | D Pad Up - Nothing
    |    /   \    |              |      _      |
    |   |Ctrl |   | Crtl Stick - |     / \     |
    |   |stick|   | Move/Sword   |    | A |    | B - Shoot/Throw (Back Of WiiMote)
    |    \___/    | Dodge        |     \_/     | A - Zooming and lock on
     \           /               |             |
      \         /                |             | + - Game Menu
       \_______/ Move Nunchuck - |  _   _   _  | - - Objectives
           |    Interact/reload/ | |-| |#| |+| | # - Wii Home Button
           |    Sword Special/   |             |
           |    use Grenade      |             |
           |                     |    . . .    | . - Wiimote Speakers
           |                     |    . . .    |
           |                     |    . . .    |
           |                     |    . . .    |
           |                     |             |
           |                     |      _      |
           |                     |     /1\     | 1 - Nothing
           |                     |     \_/     | 2 - Nothing
           |                     |      _      |
           |                     |     /2\     |
           |                     |     \_/     |
           |                     |             | * - Player Indicator Squares
           |                     | *  *  *  *  |
           |                     |     Wii     |
            \                    |_____________| Wii - The Wiimote Wii sign.
    Things you can interact with are: Doors, Tables, Switchs and to slash enemys,
    if you ever get that close in a firefight. The sword special is relative to
    the special move you are doing. The use grenade is different, if the nunchuck
    is swung upwards, you roll it along the ground. if you swing it down, you
    throw it.
    |                              |Story [STORY]|                                |
    |                            |Characters [CHARA]|                             |
    |                              |Equips [EQUIP]|                               |
    Well...Basically this part is about all the items and weapons in the game.
    Everyone loves collectables!
    Medkits - They don't exist in this game.
    Light Amour - Green bullet vest. Adds 50% of vest to your vest amount.
    Heavy Amour - Just like above, but it's red and it adds 100% of vest.
    Ammo - Run over a gun you have that is on the ground. You will the ammo up.
    Guns - Swing the Nunchuck down when your over a gun. You can hold two guns on
    your person.
    Grenades - Boom! Walk over to collect.
    Swords - Collected through story.
    Key Card - Walk over to collect. Automatic use.
    Stuff that shoots stuff at other stuff. There is a table at the bottom for the
    +Light Weapons+
    P99 - Worst pistol out of them all, but if your going for perfect respect, you
    can shoot the body of the enemy 3 times to gain enough focus time to shoot his
    gun and make him surrender.
    45. Caliber - Shiny! Second best pistol. One of the main guns during the 2nd
    part of the 2 part story, when you get members of the Sanro Kai to come back.
    has the best clip size out of all pistols.
    MP 412 - A revolver. Strong this, kills in 2 shots. Small bullet capacity.
    M40 - Best pistol. fires faster than all other pistols, but has same firepower
    as the 45.
    Uzi - SMG. Not advisable to use if your going for perfect accuracy, as it fires
    3 shots per tap of fire button. good to use though if your annoyed at some guy
    and in a trigger happy state.
    MP7 - Another SMG! Same power as Uzi, but fires 1 per tap, has a small scope
    for good zoom capacity and if you've had enough playing pistol headshot with
    it...you can always hold the trigger. Best light weapon because you can snipe,
    pistol play and Sub Spitfire with it.
    +Heavy Weapons+
    M4 Shotgun - Pump action shotgun. Strong thing, close range weapon. kills in
    1 hit if your close range to medium.
    Scar - Rifle! Fires one bullet per tap, and has second best zoom in the game.
    Your best bet for sniping and pistol playing or Sub Spitfire in one. Best
    heavy weapon for those reasons.
    Type 89 - Shiny! Fires 3 per tap, so don't use if going for full accuracy.
    Decent zoom, bad for sniping. Good auto capabilities though.
    Type 12 - Auto Shotgun, but it doesn't look it. fires fast but it trades of for
    accuracy. M4 is better for slightly longer distances.
    AE Rifle - Sniper rifle. As long as your holding the zoom button, it does
    instant destroy for anything. Barrels, Cars, Forklifts. Sure, you can use it on
    people as well! Has best zoom in the game and can't use focus time with it.
    | Name | Clip Size | Max Ammo | Shots to kill |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | P99  |    16     |   200    |       4       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | 45.C |    20     |   200    |       3       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | MP412|    6      |   30     |       2       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | Uzi  |    45     |   240    |       6       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | MP7  |    45     |   240    |       6       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | M4.S |    6      |   60     |   1 Range 6   |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | Scar |    30     |   120    |       6       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | T.89 |    30     |   120    |       6       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | T.12 |    20     |   100    |   1 Range 6   |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    | AE.R |    30     |   120    |       1       |
     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The best loadout you can have is the MP7 and the AE Rifle. Even though I said
    the scar is better, the MP7 can do all that at the cost of a little range but
    gets more ammo and moveably. Also the AE Rifle has all the zoom you could
    If your going for perfect respect, however, you would want the P99 and the Scar
    because then, in a fast fire fight you could shot 3 times with the P99 at
    someones chest, then focus time, shoot gun and tell them to surrender. The Scar
    for long range focus time collection, providing you tap so your shots aren't
    affected by bink so you let it cool down.
    That brings me to my next point - The Uzi, MP7. Scar and Type 89 all have bink.
    Bink is where the gun is firing so fast that it upsets the gun and fires more
    and more out to the sides of where you want the bullets to go.
    Headshots are instant death. Consider this when choosing your gun.
    Wow, you can slash with these things. To bad you can only really use in sword
    Katana + Broken Katana
    The first swords you get in the game. Collected in Act one
    Katana Giri + Tanto
    The next swords...fun! Used in Act two
    Acient Blade + Mariko's lucky charm
    Luck comes in the form of a sword meant for parrying. Not that it helps you.
    Act Three is where you get these.
    |                            |Walkthrough [GUIDE]|                            |
    +Mission Contents - Use Ctrl+F to skip along to the missions+
    Act One===========================================================Sato's Legacy
    Mission One-------------------------------------------------------Bloody Sunset
    Mission Two---------------------------------------------------------Fire Escape
    Mission Three----------------------------------------------------Angel's Heaven
    Mission Four-----------------------------------------------------Extreme Wheels
    Mission Five--------------------------------------------------------Broken Wing
    Act Two=============================================The Path Of The Katana Giri
    Mission Six-------------------------------------------------------Burning Trash
    Mission Seven-------------------------------------------------------Fish Market
    Mission Eight----------------------------------------------------Tetsuo's Games
    Mission Nine------------------------------------------------------Business Plot
    Mission Ten--------------------------------------------------------Geisha House
    Act Three===========================================The Ghosts of the Sanro Kai
    Mission Eleven-------------------------------------------------------Blind Date
    Mission Twelve---------------------------------------------Night Of The Komoris
    Mission Thirteen--------------------------------------In The Name Of The Father
    Mission Fourteen--------------------------------------------------------Reunion
    After playing the game twice to see both endings (you can't repeat to see both
    endings, nor can you chose weapons from Harrys bar before repeating) it's time
    to start the long road of writing. Make a file, start a new game and you'll
    find yourself at...
    Mission One=======================================================Bloody Sunset
    "Look at all these fish Scott, aren't they pretty?"
    Well...for the opening line for a game, i don't like it. Miyu will say things
    about the fish and the game will ask you to look at them to give you a feel for
    the game. It they says when your done that aiming sensitivity can be lowered. I
    suggest you do, otherwise it's hard to play. Go to menu, options, control and
    aiming sensitivity. Set it to low. easier? Easier, yes, but still hard. you'll
    get the hang of it.
    "I think our table is ready"
    First cutsence of the game, fanning out the storyline for you. The real note is
    that a few floors below, there is a bunch of guys, guns and a motive. You'll
    learn this later. After the cutsence, you go and see Miyu's father, Sato. The
    game tells you how to move around and you are prevented to go any futher by a
    guard saying when you can join Sato and Miyu. Then a guy in a waiters uniform
    goes all trigger happy with an Uzi down the hallway Sato and Miyu walked down.
    the guard shoots him, and runs in. you follow down and get punched in the face.
    Failed the game within the first 5 minutes. Just joking.
    "Oh my god Scott! He's dead!"
    You come to a few minutes later, and everyone is gone. The game asks you to 
    move over to the table and knock it over by swinging the nunchuck up while you
    look at it. Then you walk over the gun and swing the nunchuck down to pick it
    up. You've now armed yourself. Maybe next time you can teach them all how to
    shoot properly. You walk over to the door and another tooltip. Opening doors!
    Swing the nunchuck up or down to open. Checkpoint. Walk down the hallway and
    into a lounge type area. Shoot the guy that comes out the second you enter.
    Stay standing behind the bar and shoot him as he comes to shoot you. When you
    take damage, Another tooltip! This one is the best in the game though. Don't
    take damage for a few seconds and you heal! But your not some invincible. Walk
    around the bar and another two guys come out to play. Shoot them, i think we
    all know how by now. use the tables, the pole or the bar for cover, if you need
    it. After the fight, take their ammo, and move on.
    "You? Your the boyfriend?"
    Checkpoint around the hall. There is a gun fight between a guard and two guys.
    Help if you want. The guard explains where Sato is headed. Follow him up the
    stairs and watch him get shot. Turn around and shoot the first guy doing
    nothing, Then shoot the guy to your left. There are two guys up the back,
    taking cover. Fire as they come up and take everyone's ammo. Move on, through
    the hall. Turn the corner and a guy sees you and runs away. take him out if you
    can. If you can't, you've got another guy in the next room. Duck behind the
    glass and tiptoe around the corner. if you took out that guy you have two guys
    shooting at you. if not then you have three shooting at you. Take them out
    and move up the stairs. There are two guys up here, shoot them out of the game.
    Go to the rightmost door up the top and wait for the load.
    "Sato is headed for his helicopter on the roof"
    Well your not that far. Checkpoint. There are two paths - Take the right one,
    look through the glass and had you walked through the other door you are thrown
    into a fight right away. Take your time - headshot him, watching another guy
    come up and shoot at you. blow up the stoves if you wish, they are deadly to
    all. Don't hide behind them, stay behind the window. After killing the second
    guy jump through and look right at your third victim. Kill him. a Fourth guy
    will come out sooner or later, during the fight. You want an Uzi? Blow his head
    up and take it from him, leaving through the door he entered. Grab all the ammo
    you want for the Uzi, checkpointing near explosive tanks. Blow them up,
    tooltiping through the wall. C is to jump, who've thought? Go through, take out
    the two guys at the top and the one on the lower stairs. Go up the stairs and
    a new wave will fire at you. two guys enter through a door lower, take them out
    before they can get any cover. Now kill the three above you. Move up the stairs
    if you have to and once done go down the hall.
    "My men rushed us into an ambush"
    Sounds like you've missed your flight. Good thing to - If you were in it you
    would have seen the explosion instead of just hearing it. You've got your
    checkpoint, run through the machines and kill the guy pinning Sato. He explains
    how this happened. Climb the ladder killing the first guy that appears. Drop
    down, and kill the three guys nearby, one of which has an M4 Shotgun. Trade
    the P99 or the Uzi for it, you don't need both. Go back around, and kill the
    remaining five guys in this area. Sato will then walk around and say that the
    only way out is the elevator. Follow him and end the mission.
    Mission Two=========================================================Fire Escape
    "My daughter was right to trust you"
    Sato tells you about what you need to do and praises you. then guys on the
    outside on the ground fire at the elevator. Once again, tooltips help you, Z
    your way out.
    "A sword, here? Take it!"
    Suddenly you are burst into your first sword fight. Follow the instructions.
    During the dodge one, you can dodge and attack him in order to make the fight
    shorter. After the short tutorial you can slash him. Never kill them, always
    spare them, even if they ask to be killed. you get respects for sparing them,
    which are used for learning moves, earning guns and getting upgrades to damage
    and focus time. Then go down the hall. Once again you protect Sato. Kill the
    two guys here and take the door on the right side of the hall. Second fight so
    soon? I hardly think you'll die.
    "Take his sword, even a broken blade can be useful in a fight"
    This time you are asked to parry him. In the destabilize one, you can slash to
    deal him damage. then finish the fight once done six times, sparing him.
    continue and checkpoint, slashing the tables on the way. Never use to slash an
    enemy, if you miss you'll reload, leaving you dead. Knock over the table and
    use it for cover. the first three guys do the same. kill them, take the stairs
    down and kill the last four guys in this room. One of these four enter the
    room. Take the door behind the bar, keep going and your at the suite and
    checkpointed for.
    "A sword and a gun brought me back"
    Listen to them and defend the suite. there are twelve guys in total that come
    And another four when you've completed the task. Hang near the door at the
    bottom near the stairs and leave that way when the objective is done. Another
    checkpoint in the hall. Still got that M4 Shotgun? If not, get one in the next
    area. One guy runs off into the next room and another two enter that same room
    as you come in. Shoot them, take the ammo, load that shotgun and enter what
    looks like a public laundry. One guy runs out, Blast him. turn the corner, Kill
    the next guys. turn left, blast the third person. there are another five that
    now enter the room and roam around. once done exit down the door at the back.
    Next hallway contains five guys. Still use the shotgun for the best effect. 
    blast them all and continue down it. The next hallway has three people, shoot
    away. They don't do much eh? Get a free checkpoint and start a sword fight.
    All you have to do is madly wave the WiiMote. At this point in the game they
    hardly parry any of them. Spare him, move on, shooting the two guys in the next
    halls. Another sword fight. Slash madly with the WiiMote again - he doesn't
    parry. then take the elevator down to the car park.
    "We are all in great danger"
    Checkpoint and look at the cars in the park. You've made it - But Ryuichi Shoves
    Miyu into the car and the other driver does the same to Sato. they drive off.
    Go down the hall and across the road and up the stars. Ryuichi got away with
    Miyu, but now your just going for the car containing Sato. Keep going, Shooting
    the guy in the hall, and up the stairs, killing the two on the case. Next hall
    contains one guy, next stairs contains two, hallway after has 2, stairs after
    has 2, then you get a break and just have to run. You get a checkpoint - And
    now, the fun part. shoot the car and watch it smash into a pillar. the driver
    comes out with a sword. Once again, he knows not the parry. Wave that WiiMote
    fast and watch him fail. Spare him. Mission Complete. Listen to Sato.
    Mission Three====================================================Angel's Heaven
    "You do look a bit tense"
    I wonder why... The second you are told to wait for Angel, two guys enter the
    room and start firing at you. Duck behind the counter if you have to and take
    them out and move through the door, down the hall and shooting the slow guard
    there. You need a pass to continue. go down the hall on the right and checkpoint
    there are five guys in this room, two of which come out when the fight starts.
    headshot one of the three guys standing around and watch where they run. hide
    behind the bar and the next two should be out. from inside the bar once done,
    go to the left and up the stairs to the left again. there are three guys in
    this overhanging walkway. shoot them, continue, pick up the pass and fall in
    love (or don't) with the strongest light weapon in the game. MP412 is yours,
    if you ditch a weapon. i suggest keeping the shotgun if you still have it and
    losing the P99 or the Uzi. This is a great weapon to practice headshots with - 
    Because even if you hit their shoulders or collarbone, it's still a one hit
    wonder. Leave the way you came, checkpoint and now theres one guy holding ammo
    for your MP412. Your shooting practice for your new gun. Take his ammo, and
    watch three people in the lounge below rush out and spray at you. you can go
    down and shoot from the bar if you want, but it's harder. stay up there and
    kill, then go back to the members spa. You can now get in.
    "See some action in this place"
    Talk to the guy in the spa and continue up the stairs further to the right.
    go up and checkpoint. head down the hallway and kill the two guys down there.
    theres one door on the right wall that is unlocked, take it, enter and watch
    glass shatter. Theres a guy behind it! Jump in, kill, take the MP412 ammo and
    shoot the glowy thingy, none other than one of the two security systems. two
    guys will now enter and try and kill you. Kill them back in self defense. Leave
    left and go straight across. there is one guy in the room, kill, turn right
    and kill the next guy in the next room, go straight and into the bed room and
    glass will fly. Kill the guy in there, jump through, pick up the amour and
    shatter the rather large system. Both locks destroyed. go back to angels office
    and load, checkpoint and wait.
    "I want him dead"
    Angel goes on a fuss about you not reaching here. There are two guys up the top
    and one will hide away if your not fast enough. kill the other one and the
    three down the bottom. go up the stairs, kill the guy if you weren't fast
    enough before and then as you walk across the overpass two guys will enter from
    where you entered. kill and then kill the one guy guarding the elevator. shoot
    the glass and drop down on the elevator and go through the doors. Checkpoint.
    "Im gonna kill you, kid"
    There are two guys running around in this block and three enter it. one guy
    goes out on you and the other hides. kill the first, pick up the amour and go
    the left way. turn right and the three guys come through the door ahead. some
    yield you a type 12. the auto shotgun. not bad, but the M4 is stronger
    at the cost of speed and ammo. Go through the far door and another three guys
    are in the hall. go though, but collect the second amour first near the back
    and then collect the checkpoint and go through. There is one guy in the hall
    and in the next area there are three guys and an amour in one of the left
    showers. go through, see Angel run and kill the guy behind the desk. Go into
    the half-split area, kill the first two guys and as you come round two guys
    will just be entering from the back way. Collect the checkpoint, Kill the guys
    on the left and right and pelt and i mean pelt a full round of Uzi, 16
    headshots from the P99, Full round of Type 12, 12 M4's in the face or if you
    still have the MP412 (I doubt it) Put them through his skull. This guy has bad
    aim though, shouldn't be to much of a problem. take the amour on the way out
    on the bench.
    "And the only thing i know is..."
    Talk to Angel and she gives you the slip. Kill the guy when the steam clears
    and checkpoint. open the door that leads to the outside, jump off, and kill
    the final three guys for this mission. One of which has an M40 - With 8
    bullets. take if you want, but really...8 shots is worthless.
    Mission Four=====================================================Extreme Wheels
    "Respect private property"
    Why is he using a baseball bat? Oh well. Tooltips tell you not to parry fierce
    attacks. Attacks with the red stuff and take longer to start. This guy can't
    parry. slashy slashy...Spare him and follow the path down for the first point
    of a check. There are two guys talking here, listen to them. Then headshot the
    first guy and try to kill the second before he can hid. go into the next part
    and hide behind the first wheel frame thing. kill the first two, then wait.
    another two will come. kill them and wait again. ANOTHER two will come out, one
    with MP412 on him. Once done go down and go to the barstool. MP412 is there,
    and then get the ammo from the other guy. Keep going down the hall and turn
    left and grab the ammo there. then go up the stairs. getting a checkpoint in
    there somewhere isn't to hard. open the door, headshot the guy standing there,
    and kill the remaining 5 guys in the car area. Blow up the cars if you want.
    "Shoot on sight"
    Jump down and throw the switch to the crane type thing. One guy will come out
    on the overhead walkway and shoot at you. shoot him back and go to the back
    of the car area, through the door, and up the stairs again. Go along the
    walkway and two guys reveal themselves. One at the window near the end of the
    walkway and one at the end of the crane. Kill and walk across the crane and
    jump through the window. go straight, pick up the amour and there is a rack
    with Type 12's in them. go back and turn right to your first load point.
    "Help me out would ya?"
    First thing as you enter the next big area, get out of that top area as fast
    as you can. if one of them goes BOOM...Well...So do you. Go to the left and
    shoot the guy fixing the car. others will come to hide in the bottom part
    there. Blow up the car when three or four are there. then move down and find
    the remaining three on the ground (if you killed four before at the car) and
    one on the top overhang where you need to go. go up there into locker room,
    theres MP412 ammo there and the pass. go back out and get a checkpoint. Three
    guys will run up into that blow up area. when they are there, shoot the barrels
    and watch the flames rise. go down and shoot one last guy hiding and moving
    around, then go behind a bookshelf type thing, only with parts for your next
    "Stay alert"
    First things first, turn right, run up the stairs and shoot the cars if there
    are guys hiding around them. there are 7 seven people in this area, one of
    which is behind the staircase, two are on the top of the overhang, one behind
    a car and two below you. Another one will come out on the top at some point in
    the fight, so stay alert. If the staircase gets blown up, go to the cars on the
    racks and throw the switches. then play platformer up them to the overhang. go
    through to the next area down the stairs and you load the next area.
    Go down near the window and headshot the first guy fast. stay at the window and
    kill the next four or five. Blow up the forklift whenever and turn right. don't
    go through the first door - keep going and shoot the next guy that should be
    behind the second door or just through it. turn right in the outside area and
    equip a Scar. Time to damage some things! Go straight ahead, killing the final
    guy when you see him. Turn right into the building and take Scar ammo and the
    Amour. Then go across to the other side of the outside area and go through the
    door. Go through the hall and around the corner and throw a switch next to a
    car and you receive a free checkpoint. The car goes through a cleaning cycle
    and guys shoot at you through windows. These results can vary but: four to the
    first window on the right, three to the second window which is positioned on
    the right, The third on the left contains 6 guys and the forth has four on the
    right. the last two do not have any guys and the windows mentioned has a steady
    rate of guys coming to them to shoot. there is Scar ammo on the car. At the end
    the garage door opens and there is a guy on the left shooting. kill him and in
    the very back there is a guy shooting from under a car. blow it up if you wish.
    Then look up. there is a guy in the overhang. he is annoying. kill him and go
    to the right and take the door and the amour at the bottom of the stairs. go
    up and throw a switch in the overhang.
    "You need a few lessons with the sword"
    Checkpoint on the way down and take out your sword. this guy will parry about
    50% of your swings. So keep slashing away. then continue through the right door
    and go through to the outside area again. A guy with what seems to be a Pole
    or Bamboo stick will attack you. He parrys about 50% of blows, Swing away
    again. then go straight into the closed doors and load the warehouse.
    "And you? You die!"
    This is a nice shooting practice session. As long as your alive they have a
    nice big target. turn left and around the corner for M4 ammo and amour. then
    go back and turn into the small space and shoot the head that pops up in the
    gap between the stuff. go back and turn left, shoot the boxes down so you can
    get through. turn left. there are another 4 guys on the ground around in this
    area. There are 4 up the top, but they run away when you reach the stairs, and
    have bad aim. you can ignore them. before there stairs, there are another three
    guys. kill them and move up. Ryuichi is then running away with Miyu and finally
    that annoying spotlight has been turned off. kill the two heads popping up and
    go around to the door to see him take an elevator. turn left around the corner
    and run down the stairs and get a nice checkpoint.
    "Cripple Him"
    Run through and ignore the four guys shooting at you. they will run away into
    the truck cargo bays. you have two minutes or so to sword another guy. This guy
    is a challenge though. He parrys 95% of your blows. Stand still and destabilize
    him. Either break his sword by swinging the nunchuck diagoly down left again
    when he is destabilized, Do I need to say it? I didn't last time. Spare him.
    Now run to the only cargo bay left and get inside. Congrats, mission complete.
    Mission Five========================================================Broken Wing
    "Some nut job broke in"
    After their little talk they open up and spot you. Three guys will come around
    in a bit. blow up the forklift and exit. go left and zoom in on the standing
    guard’s head. shoot it, or trigger happy him. go on the conveyer belt and kill
    one of the working guys and then kill the second one. the far back guy has
    armor there. Two guys will come out in the front when you step in the area and
    two guys will shoot from the back. take them out and go up the stairs up the
    back. Throw the switch and if you have an M4 with you, go through the door to
    the right and collect the ammo there. go out the way you came and four crazy
    guards will run and run away from you. track them down and kill them. Now take
    the conveyer belt through to the first sword battle of this mission. Once again
    some guy with a bat tries to get you. This guy doesn't know how to parry.
    "And suddenly they're all badasses"
    Checkpoint out and go into the warehouse. There are ten guys in here total.
    Kill one of the workers for starters and you'll start the fight. about five to
    seven - depending on how many you found - will come to the elevator when your
    near it. stay away from the forklift, Once it blows your screwed if you near
    it. Once all killed use the elevator and greet a M4 user coming out of the door
    with a few bullets. go through and say hi to a loading point.
    "What the hell?"
    A guard. With an AE Rifle. He's got no guard. Headshot and I advise, YOU 100%
    MUST take this rifle. Unless you want a EXTREMLY hard time ahead. Take it, go
    to the next area, Hanger 7. Now scope up and there are eleven guys running
    around. One will be on the stairs at a small space and one is sniping you when
    you reach that space. he'll be just under the plane's tail camera wise. Kill
    him. A sniper bullet chips away 3/4 of your health. Not what you want. Blow
    stuff up if you want to take out the other guys running around. On the floor
    that has Miyu, turn around and enter the door. there is amour in there. Now
    speak to Miyu and kill the guy that enters. Miyu throws you the pass and you
    go through the door. There is a bunch of Scar ammo in here. Take it if you
    want - but keep the AE Rifle. Checkpoint through and say hi to your first
    grenades by taking out the guy sorting them (don't ask why). You can hold six
    grenades max.
    "We should be able to meet up"
    Drop down into the ground on the right. Take out the two guys there and turn
    the corner. the next guy has some sort of vest on - If someone is wearing one
    they will drop a grenade when killed - Kill him and turn. there are three guys
    waiting at the end of this hallway. Once defeated keep going and you'll see
    Miyu and Ryuichi above the framework. Once the little speech is over, sword
    time. This guy blocks 95% of your blows, so stick to destabilizing and breaking
    his sword or slashing his health. Continue. Two guys at the end, Turn left
    before the end and roll a grenade round the corner. That's three or four guys
    gone. Kill the fourth if he's just nearby. There are Two guys in the next hall,
    Plus one more that comes from behind. The next hall the two guys plus one that
    enters will run. Round the right corner there is some amour. One guy will also
    come in on this fight. continue down the hall and load the next part.
    "To late sucker"
    This guy parrys about 15% of the time. Slash away. Don't hide near the planes,
    they go BOOM. Grab your rifle and kill the two guys up the top and the one on
    the lower left of the same set of stairs. continue up the stairs and kill the
    sniper at the window. Those guys on the stairs had M40's - Grab if you want -
    Collecting your checkpoint in the next hallway, In the next area your back in
    hanger 7 - Above where Miyu was kept. Grab the AE Rifle ammo and knock over the
    tables for cover. You'll need it. There are four guys you can snipe from the
    right table - One of which is a sniper. he's up in the top left on the walkway.
    The remaining three, Two are located on the same walkway further down. One is
    located infront of the window where the amour was located. Then move to the
    left table and snipe the four people on the ground. Blow stuff up if you wish.
    One of these four is a sniper and is just infront of the forklift. One is right
    up near the back, straight on to your table. Once killed, descend the stairs
    and go through the place miyu was located. Get a checkpoint, keep going and
    confront the plane. The first swordsman works on a pattern - Every third attack
    is always a fierce attack. Break his sword is the fastest way to win. Then you
    face Ryuichi. He sends you down with three attacks and sends you home with a
    message for Sato. Mission Complete.
                               <>ACT ONE COMPLETE<>
    |                        |Multiplayer mode [MULTI]|                           |
    |                         |Hints and tips [HINTS]|                            |
    Welcome to hints and tips.
    Jumping and Crouching at the same time makes you move faster. Just remember to
    get back up.
    When you throw a grenade, it goes higher than your cursor.
    When you roll a grenade, how far it rolls depends on how far your aimer is.
    The more respect you have, the more and faster you unlock moves, guns and
    All swordsmen in the game have a pattern to their attacks.
    I will have more when i improve this guide.
    |                     |Frequently Asked Questions [ASKED]|                    |
    |                             |Credits [CREDS]|                               |
    Nintendo for the Wii
    Parents for getting me the Wii
    Nintendo releasing Red Steel
    Parents for getting me Red Steel
    Maul_Junior for releasing v0.1 of his guide and making me speed up mine
    Deathborn_668 for giving me the idea of the test
    Everyone else for not making a guide about Red Steel convincing me i could
    take a crack at my first guide
    Me, for I believe this is the best English thing I’ve ever done in my life.
    And Microsoft Word for picking out my spelling errors.

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