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What were they thinking!?10/14/09Arcreium
Do not buy this game12/21/06biscoemarwickc
Should you belive the hype?11/25/06ChaosWeevil13
A great start for Wii FPS to come!11/22/06chupathingy08
New way to play with a new type of game12/04/06ConMan09
Firefights are a blast with the new controller12/04/06conundrum12
It works but its definately not perfect.11/25/06CVV1
Believe me guys, stay away from this one.11/25/06doomslayX
I dont see any Red Steel...11/25/06fiercebananna
Come on guys, this isn't that bad!01/02/07Frankiexxxafied
Shoot. Kill. Cutscene. Shoot. Kill. Cutscene.12/01/06hitetrel
Red Steel - A Review12/20/06kanemk2
The beginning of the new FPS Gaming system11/21/06KazYami
The New First Person Shooter11/21/06Mastershake52
One of the more anticipated titles for Wii and I got a review11/25/06PatriotsFan4Lif
Flawed, but not the dog of a game some people would have you believe...01/02/07pfmw199
Defiantly a must-have for a new Wii12/18/06Poyozo
Does it live up to the hype?11/25/06PsychicKid
Red Stole my attention for a very brief period of time12/17/07pYrAmId_bUiLdEr
Despite a few technical setbacks, Red Steel still impresses.01/02/07ravenhood27
Redsteel: Yes or No?01/02/07ROBERT BEAUMONT
A taste of things to come01/02/07Snuffy_Mccrack
Highly Underrated01/16/07Spaceknight
1st Person Shooter Fans Will Love RS, The Others Won't...01/02/07steven950
Not as Bad As Some Say, But Most Should Wait For a Sequel12/11/06tbcpancakes
The Wii needed an FPS for launch - Ubisoft Provided!01/02/07xXEnvyOurLoveXx

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