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"The New First Person Shooter"

You are in a middle of the Japanese Mafia war as you try to rescue your Fiance form a vial gang. That is the basic premise of the new Wii title named Red Steel. Can you fight your way though the streets and armed gunmen trying to attack you with all kinds of weapons form handguns, and fully automatic machine guns? All the way to medieval swords.

This game requires the Wii remote and the Nunchuk attachment. All you have to do is point and shoot, but there can be a problem with the controls if the Wii remote is positioned to close to the sensor bar. If you are too close your character will rotate, looking for the last known position of the cursor. This can be a problem if your are in the heat of battle, or just a nuisance when your trying to find secret doorway to the next check point.

The Nunchuk is used to move character, with the C and Z buttons used to take cover and jump. While the Wii remote uses the A button to target opponents and the B trigger to fire you weapon.

Game play:
Your play as Scott who is going to marry one of the most powerful Yakuza godfathers, daughter. But during Scott's first meeting with him things go terribly wrong as battle breaks out with the Yakuza's most feared enemy as they try to capture both your Fiance and her father. Now Scott must learn how to wield both a gun and a sword as you travel thought the Japanese underworld.

The AI of the enemy is what the game is all about. As you travel through the game your opponents will try to kill you as best they can. Instead of just standing in one place they will actively look for you, and in some cases will go out of there way to sneak up behind you. The only down side to this is that they, the enemy, can sometimes get themselves trapped in weird places. Meaning you will have to risk your life trying to find them.

Red Steel's only major down fall seems to be its music. The Music can, and does get repetitive, as your travel through maze like buildings and ally ways. Though there are also some good things about the music too. When you are being attacked by the enemy the music becomes up-tempo, like it's feeding off the amazing atmosphere of the game, but when you're exploring, the music becomes much more slowly passed.

One last thing to note is that this game does have a large amount of curse words in it. The enemy will use such words “bastard” and the “S-word” when they become angry. Such an example of this occurs when you are hiding from them, besides that the blood in Red Steel is minimal and will only be noticeable when your are shooting the enemy form close range, or when you are sword fighting, but even then the blood quickly disappears.

Beside the “somewhat bland” music, this game is a must buy for any one that has a Wii. Even though this game may not be the best First Person Shooter, but it is still up there. You should expect many games to use the revolutionary control system of Red Steel.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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