Review by KazYami

Reviewed: 11/21/06

The beginning of the new FPS Gaming system

This is the Wii's first stab at First Person Shooter gaming, and to be honest I feel it was pulled off quite successfully. A few small problems and annoyances but with a simple understanding of where they are coming from it's easy to appreciate and enjoy the game.

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics are very nice, the water effects are always one of the first things I look to and I thought they were great. You can fully sense the japanese essence in the entire game. A few textures could have been better but all in all I feel that for a launch game these were done to a good degree.

Sound - 8/10
The music was great in this, so were hearing the array of voices yelling during combat or even the bad dialogue during cutscenes. Yeah the voices weren't perfect but nowadays you need to realize that MOST games have bad voice acting, so it's not that big a deal anymore. The swings of the sword and the shots of the guns were perfect, I also enjoyed hearing the click of an empty gun or the sound of reloading coming from the Wiimote.

Story - 6/10
This is a very cliche story, but it's a story that works. A mere variant on Save the Girl. But there is enough in the story to make it fun, esepcially if you love thekung-fu/martial arts movies. You, as Scott the mute protaganist, are meeting your fiances father for the first time...he's a Yakuza crimelord (honorable though) that's when everything goes seven kinds of crazy. Simply put you need to escape your current locale and make a quick getaway to Japan. The story goes on with little in the way of twists and turns, but it's kinda allowed in this case as the entire game is like fighting the mob but cool.

Gameplay - 9/10
Controls are odd, no doubt. But it's not so much the controls of the game as it is the controls of the system, for those of you who care to remember the switch from Digital Pads to Analog Sticks often had peopel feeling they would never be able to use the controller, now it's instinctive. Give the controls a chance and be amazed. I Feel the controls in game would be better if you were moving the screen around instead of moving around a pointer on the screen (ala Rail Shooters), but otherwise I see no problem. The learning curve is steep, the first night I played it I felt bad because I wasn't grasping it right away, but the next day I was dodging in and around gun fire and manuevering through sword combat in a much smoother pace. The game has a small amount of gun (2 pistols, revovler, Uzi, machine gun, rifle, sniper, 2 shotguns) and you can only carry 2 guns at a time, which makes sense, afterall you don't run around L.A. or Tokyo with an arsenal strapped to you. As far as health regeneration I like this system, it's pretty much the exact same system in Halo 2, you heal up when the action dies down and in a gun fight you'll still die no matter how fast that health is regenerating. The health isn't infinite you take enough hits and you go down. The sword combat could have been more you only get to use it during a Sword Combat Moment, which makes sense you don't go running around a gunfight with a sword, but even still you can run right up to any enemy, give a quick flick of the nunchuck and slice someone up with your Tanto. Also the ability to spare lives of enemies is a really nice and interesting feacture, once I found out how I chose to spare more lives than I took, it's a nice feature in a standard shooter.

Multiplayer ?/10
I haven't had the chance to really get into Multiplayer at all yet so I can't honestly review it.

Replay 4/10
It's like Doom, you can go back and play it again and have fun with it, no big surprised so splitting story lines. Just like the classic FPS games you play it once and you got the game down. You play it again and if you had fun through the first time odds are you'll like it again, if you didn't like it the first time then you probably won't like it anymore than that.

Overall 7/10
It's a good game, the way I see it this is the starter into how FPS will be on the Wii. There are a lot of improvements that can be made, and no doubt will be made. But this game is definately showing the Wii's ability to handle an FPS will great skill.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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