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"A great start for Wii FPS to come!"

Ok, this game was the first game I got with my brand new Wii and I'm impressed. Ubisoft did a great job with making a fun/challenging game, especially since its a launch title for a console THIS different. so here we go....

You play as a gaijin named Scott who is trying to save your finance from a group of Yakuza who are after a legendary sword. you get pulled into all kinds of different fights with gangs who want each other dead. plus lots of plot twists that will keep you wanting more!

It will take you second to comfortable with the controls, but when you do, it will be easy. I loves ow you used the Wii-mote to switch weapons, aim your gun, and shoot of course. The nunchuck is used to reload, open doors, throw grenades, and move. by pressing the B and C button you can go slow-mo and shoot the guns out of peoples hands, which I found to be really useful. Then of course, comes the best part of the game, sword fights. You use the Wii-mote to attack your enemy and to do super attacks to do tons of damage. You use the nunchuck to parry you enemy's attacks ans to dodge them. plus a lot of weapons you can get makes the gameplay really fun.

This game has some very impressive sound design. From your shotgun going off to the sound of your enemy's blade bouncing off of your's it sounds almost realistic. The controller also makes noise like reloading your gun and blocking attacks add a feel of realism to the game. Also the voice acting is very well done.

The graphics in this game are amazing. one of the (if not the) best looking games at launch. The great lighting in this game plus great use of the bloom effect make this game look awesome, plus the ground always looks like it just rained or something. The scenery is also done very well. The water could have been done better but at times it still looks really nice. Another great thing I noticed was that the character animations were almost life-like. The guys at Ubisoft did a great job at making this game look very pretty.

This games multiplayer was pretty fun, me and my friends had a great time playing . There aren't very many levels to choose from which made gameplay limited. Also
there was a range of characters to choose from while playing. There are three game modes, Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch, and Killer. Killer has got to be the best mode, but it only works well when you have 4 people playing with you. but with the lack of online and system link the multiplayer wasn't that great.

Finally I think Ubisoft did a great jb with this game. It was really fun and lasted a long time. The only reason this game wasn't the best game I have ever is because this is the first time someone has tried an FPS on a console thats unlike any others, and I respect Ubisoft for coming out and doing this. I'm sure them and other will learn from their mistakes and make the next one even better!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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