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"I dont see any Red Steel..."

Red Steel truly is a tough game to judge. It is the first in what will undoubtedly be a lasting control set up for first person shooters on the Wii. There really is nothing to compare it too.

Graphics: 6

In my opinion, the graphics are not one of the games strong points. After playing for an hour or two, nothing really jumped out that looked better then a PS2 or Gamecube game. Actually, I was a little bit alarmed at the slowdown I saw at times.

Control: 8

The controls work. It just seems to me that I could not get the sensitivity just right. It was either too sensitive, or not enough. The nunchuck is used to strafe, while the remote is the aimer. The remote is also used to turn, which leads to some problems when you are trying to shoot an enemy near the corner of the screen, and the screen starts shifting. You end up losing your orientation, and you have to realign it. While your doing this, you are being shot at by enemies all over, they can be in front, to the sides, above, where ever. After hours of practice, im sure it can be mastered.

Multiplayer: 9

The most fun I had playing Red Steel was multiplayer. when you play with others who are also trying to grasp the controls, the challenge evens out and a good time is to be had. One complaint though is the levels seem to be too big, as we were playing 2-player, and had a hard time finding each other in the map. Only problem is there is no online component (no game out now has one yet.)

Sound/Music: 5

Being as I dont particularly find anything outstanding about the sound or music, I am giving it an average five.

In Conclusion:

Red Steel is a good start to first person shooters on the Wii. However, I still find myself thinking that I should have got Call of Duty 3.

Buy/Rent: Rent

Basically, if you are curious what the controls of first person shooters are like on Wii give it a try. Red Steel does not have enough replay value to be worthy of purchase.

P.S.: Even though the game is called Red Steel, it has no blood. Why??

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/25/06

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