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"One of the more anticipated titles for Wii and I got a review"

Red Steel is a Wii launch title which is a FPS which also includes Katana fighting.

When you first pick up the controller, you will notice the controls. Everything has a purpose with the Wii Remote. It may take a while to learn, and there are several glitches the controller has that occur several times.The swordplay is fun but sometimes unresponsive. Also, the AI in this game is very dumb. Sometimes they just stare at you and not do anything. All in All, it can get very addictive really fast.

You play Scott, an accomplished bodyguard who is dating one of his clients, who happens to be the daughter of a powerful yakuza boss, and as the game begins, you're about to meet the man himself during his visit to Los Angeles. Your dinner with dad-to-be never happens, as assassins attempt to hasten the process of underworld succession. The rival Yakuza kidnap your girlfriend, and Scott goes to travel the globe and kill lots of people to find her.

Red Steel isn't the most visually stunning FPS on the market. Environments are fairly boring, despite a good amount of destructible objects scattered around. Mostly it's the same familiar parade of corridors, large rooms, and underground passageways. A few cool explosive tricks here and there make things interesting, but it still looks like they could have done better since Resident Evil 4 looks much better than this.

The music in this game is good but sometimes repetitive. There are moments when there is no music playing at all. Some j-pop here and there, some rock, and other types of music. The sound of your guns reloading occur on your Wii Remote to try and bring you into the game.

Play Time/Replayability - An average gamer like myself, Red Steel can take about 20-35 hours. Multi player is good but not a lot of areas as I would like. Once you beat the game, you can replay any level you please.

Final Recommendation
I would definitely check this game out. If you want to try a new FPS, than you will enjoy Red Steel. It has cools uses of the Wii controller and engaging sword combat. But mediocre visuals and the control scheme never quite becomes second-nature.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/25/06

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