Review by doomslayX

"Believe me guys, stay away from this one."

Wow, I honestly, honestly wanted to give this a chance. But after playing through red steel, my final verdict is that this, honestly, is trash.

Graphics: 5/10

These graphics WOULD have been good... on the gamecube back in 2003. But by modern day standards, this is honestly embarrassing. The characters almost all look exactly the same, and even the main characters who look different have the same stupid look plastered on their face. Though one or two of the environments were modestly pretty, most of them were ugly and blocky.

Sound: 4/10

The music composition in this game is VERY good, and is perhaps best aspect of red steel. However, sound does not only include music, it also includes sound effects and voices. And these are some of the weaker of red steels many weak points. The guns all sound exactly the same, the explosions all look and sound the same, and the worst thing of all, the voices. To put it simply, the things the enemies say cannot be described as anything except outrageously stupid. Some times in the game you will hear a baddie say something SOO stupid that it will make you pause in your gory rampage to just go, "Wow, thats just sad" Some of my favorites are when assassins are sent after you, then shout things such as "YOU MURDERER", when you kill one of their mercenary brethren. Another great one is when you are being shot at, and you duck in cover, and they say "Hey, where did he go? My god, he's gone!" Pathetic.

Gameplay: 1/10

The worst aspect of Red Steel. Red Steels gameplay has EVERYTHING wrong with it. Just about EVERYTHING. The controls are VERY poorly designed, and aiming is not fun, its a chore. The AI is just disgusting. Enemies will just stand in one place as you fire at them. And when you take a shot, if you happen to miss, they'll gladly stand in the same place while you fix your aim to hit them the second time. Sometimes enemies will also just flip out, and glitch. Several times I have seen enemies stand in one place, and flicker for a second, returning with their arms and legs stuck out like they've been crucified, allowing you to walk right up to their face and stab them. But perhaps the most frustrating this in ALL OF RED STEEL is the fact that it is enormously buggy. Every single other game on my wii works perfectly except for this. My main problem with this game is that the cursor will just randomly teleport to the middle of the screen frequently! A game-ruining bug on its own! I thought it might be just my copy, but I exchanged it for a new one and it had the same problem!

Final Verdict:

I am honestly VERY disappointed in Ubisoft. I have always said that they are my favorite game company, and that is the main reason that I bought this game even with the horrible reviews it was getting. But after having played red steel, I must say, the reviewers were dead-on.

Red Steel truly is a stinker.

A 3.3 (3) out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/25/06

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