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"Not as innovative as I hoped but excellent none the less"

When we heard of the Wii coming out many of us got excited over the many innovations for it. Wireless controller, nun chuck attachment, shop online and other fun goodies. The system did sound amazing. So far none of the next generation systems have had a lot of over the top opening titles but still some solid ones. Red Steel was given the honor of being the first third party game for the Wii to have pictures of it shown. Needless to say a fair amount of hype was made up over this new first person shooter. Especially since we've never seen many of them for Nintendo systems. So how does this one measure up. All in all it actually comes up fairly good. Ubisoft the ones who made the game did try to kind of stress how they were aiming for something new with this. While they do achieve something, it's not quit where I hoped it would be. Still, though it is a very interesting game with many positive points to it. From the fast paced shooting to the interesting characters I think any fan of FPS will like this game. Now onto the review and scoring.

Gameplay: Probably the single most important point of any video game known to humans. The gameplay of the of this game is simple yet effective and fun. You get a nice variety of weapons from handguns to sniper rifles. Grenades can be easily tossed or rolled. Along with this are a nice variety of tricks you can do. Your character can lock onto enemies to single them out and make shooting them easier or you can just aim with the Wii remote. Along with this early into the game you get the ability to have your character focus so much that time seems to stand still.

With this you can then tag enemies' and have your character shoot them as soon as you get out of the time freezing trick. Many games have of course employed the trick of slowing down time to let you target multiple people. While not the most original trick of anything it's still pretty neat and actually handy. Along with this is also an ability similar to Halo or Red Faction 2. If your character goes a few moments without being hurt then his life bar fills up.

Actually very handy and honestly preferable to picking up life. Really it helps balance things out to more then anything else. Enemy's are very aggressive that aside your character can die rather easily from bullets shots. So it's not a game where you can just soak up damage and not worry about it. You can also pick up body armor to help extend your life bar. Another neat part is the sword fighting. Sword fights are fairly entertaining.

Relying on the Wii remote and nun chuck attachment to be used for attacking and defending. Finally something interesting that was put into the game is known as Respect Points. More or less respect points deal in how much respect everyone is supposed to have for you. The game creators tried to stress how much they wanted this to play a vital role as it was aimed at being about more then simply killing off all of your enemies.

It would also be about defeating enemy's and sparring their lives to gain their respect all to help you toward your reputation in the Yakuza underworld. While it was a good idea it doesn't really feel like respect plays as vital a role as they say. You can gain respect either by winning sword fights and sparing peoples lives or by disarming men with guns and then making them drop there guns. Like I said while it was a good idea it doesn't seem to play that big a role besides affecting how positive the ending of your game is and some other things. The game does have some minor annoying points. I did have times where enemy's shot me and it was very hard to see them or opponent's that you fight in a sword duel and they'll slash you and then pull of a three-hit combo that does a lot of damage. All in all still very good though. With high paced fighting and shooting along with many objects being destructible the game is just a lot of fun. So I would give this an eight out of ten.

Difficulty: Like most first person shooters the difficulty for this game is about average or somewhere in the middle. Not to hard but not always the easiest thing either. The enemy's in this game are a bit more aggressive at times then opponent's in other first person shooter games. Along with this they act somewhat smart.

Strafing about and taking cover before moving to shoot at you. Along with this many things are destructible so its hard to hide from enemies. Grenades can be tossed at you and small vehicles nearby blown up to damage you. While their intelligence isn't revolutionary, it's still fairly good. Most attacks do fairly good damage to you so you aren't invincible. Along with this it can be tricky to take cover at times.

As I said before it can be a little annoying at times. Such as enemy's being on a roof so they're hard to spot but keep shooting you. At times you will have some annoying things that happen but all in all it's good and fun. If you're good at first person shooters I don't think you'll find this to hard as long as you shoot a good, move quick and take cover. But still its fairly good so I'll give this a seven out of ten.

Controls: The controls for this game are of course very innovative. This is the Wii after all. Just by pointing your remote at the screen the gun will follow wherever your point. You can easily shoot with a push of the B button and lock onto enemy's with the A button. Grenades can be easily tossed by holding down the button and rolling the nun chuck underhand or over. Along with this you move around by pushing the stick on the nun chuck attachment. Sword fighting is easily mostly since you can easily attack by flicking the controller or defending with the nun chuck by flicking it.

Really there's a lot to the controls but it's quit easy to get. Mostly the controls are nice. Though there are a few times where they can get annoying. Mostly this is just in the sword fighting. Doing the sword fighting isn't too bad mostly. But at times it can be annoying to dodge attacks or pulling off sword combos the game wants you to practice. All in all they're very effective though and easy to get. So an eight out of ten here.

Story: While not the most original story it's still not to bad. Basically your character is a man named Scott who was hired as a bodyguard to protect a Japanese business man's daughter. The two fall for each other and now about to get married. When the game begins your character is about to meet her father for the first time. Things however go bad when strange Yakuza attack everyone there.

Scott is then separated from his girlfriend and must help her father as they fight there way through the hotel where they were to meet him at. From here the story carry's on to Japan where Scott discovers about the man who is doing this. Eventually he finds out that there's more to this mans intentions then he thought but most stop him and rescue his girlfriend. Not the most original but not the worst. It's okay so an seven out of ten here.

Graphics: The Wii has fairly good graphics though likely it's not as good as the 360 or PS3. Still though its graphics easily match that of games such as Resident Evil 4. Characters look nicely detailed and you can see them think. They seem to talk their lips move and all in all they seem like real people. Objects explode realistically from bullet shots and doors can have holes shot in them. Grenades blow up with explosions. All in all the graphics for the game are pretty effective. With nice lighting and coloring I do think that it is a treat for the eyes. The only downside is that instead of CG scenes or in game scenes like for Resident Evil 4 this game just uses picture stills for most of the cut scenes and such. It is interesting though. So an eight of ten here.

Sound/music: The music is okay and the sound is good. Swords clang on each other with realistic noise. Objects explode and sound like they should. Your character and enemy's make noises when they take damage and are shot. The game has varying music which is okay but you'll probably be to focused on the gameplay to focus on the sound. The sound and music are good though so a seven out of ten.

Overall: All in all the game has mostly all positive points. Honestly for a next generation game the enemy AI doesn't feel amazing or anything but it seems effective enough. The plot isn't the most original but still it's okay. The only real downside was the respect points honestly. They just don't feel like they play as vital a role as it sounded like they would. While they did seem to influence the ending, I guess I was just hoping that it would affect more how people reacted to you and also affect the ending more.

Like making it so you seemed to have more help then you get. Maybe some kind of like amazing final battle where all of the respect you have comes in handy to help bring people to your side to fight against the enemy. The ending was a very positive one but still just a bit off or something. Still it is a very good game with many amazing points. With good gameplay to nice graphics most people should have fun with this. So is it a buy or rent? If you're a first person shooter fan and will want to play through then go ahead and buy.

If not though then I suggest to rent. If you're a good gamer you should be able to beat this first person shooter within a few days like most games. I myself managed to beat it within two or three days with about nine to ten hours of gameplay I believe. The game honestly has room for improvement but is still is very good. Hopefully further games for the Wii that are first person shooter will take positives from this game such as the controls for the most part and the life healing and also improve on things such as the respect points. If first person shooters follow this they have a good future ahead but like I said this game is good. So in the end I'll give this game an eight out of ten.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/06

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