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"An honest Review about Red Steel"

Red Steel, in my opinion, is "ONE" of the Wii's most hyped up games. The other game being Legends of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Red Steel does live up to it's hype,...somewhat. Red Steel takes place in Los Angeles, where you and your girl are eating. Armed thugs soon kidnap her, and her father. So you take it upon yourself to rescue her and her you think. But you eventually follow her to Tokyo, and get caught in-between some gang wars. Sounds like your classic Jackie Chan flick right....? Anyways, Red Steel is a solid launch title, because it gives you a pretty good feeling of the Wii's true potential. Red Steel might not feel like much when you first play it, but once you learn the control scheme, you'll get a good grasp of the game, and Red Steel becomes quite enjoyable. The Wii-mote is amazingly accurate with on-screen functions. Such as turning your Wii-mote sideways, as you turn your Wii-mote, your gun turns as if you were actually holding a real gun. It's fully 180 degrees of weapondry freedom (with most weapons capable of being held sideways). So your Accuracy depends fully on you. Movement is free as any other FPS (First Person Shooter).

You can also jump, dodge, and couch. Depending on your surrounding, you can actually flip tables over and use the table for cover, while shooting at enemies. Of course, certain items can be broken after getting shot up by enemies. Red Steel does away with most of the "Button Pressing" actions. You open doors, flip over tables, stun enemies, throw grenades, use control panels (and switches) by simply flicking your left wrist forward (using the Nunchuck). There are other things you can do also. You can also reload weapons by flicking your left wrist forward, or you can press the right button on the D-pad, which is on the Wii-mote to reload. A lot of people complain about Red Steel graphics. We all know that the Wii is capable of excellent graphics, and is better than the GameCube and the first Xbox in the graphics department (look at Resident Evil REmake and RE 4) So people talk badly about Red Steel graphics compared to other next-gen games and graphics. Red-Steel graphics are above average trust me. I'm using composite video cables (the Y,R,W video/audio cables that came with the Wii) and Red Steel looks great. Some levels are more detailed than others, but once you continue to complete levels or missions, the game gets more beautiful, and you find it hard to stop playing the game. The levels are destructible and is very realistic. There are very few flaws though, regarding the graphics.

When you fire a weapons you don't get that "flashing light" from your gun, as you would in real life. Of course it all depends on the light around in the game, but Red Steel lacks this function. In dark areas, you will get no light from the fire from your gun. Even Tomb-Raider 2 on the PSone was capable of getting that extra lighting physic effect. Everything else in the game, such as explosions, breaking glass, and destructible objects are nicely done in the game. Red Steel uses the Wii-mote's built in speaker in various ways to make the game feel a bit more, realistic. You can hear your gun "click" in the Wii-mote speaker (and the through the T.V speakers) when you are out of bullets. You can also hear your guns reload from the Wii-mote's built in speaker. The controls are solid, as well as many other features in the game. I have experience a slight, minor problem, which could be fixed in many ways to prevent this. I have encountered my aiming reticle re-centering itself in the center of the screen sometimes during gun-fights and battles! This has only happened a few times when I first got Red-Steel, but, I haven't encountered this problem since 2 weeks after launch. So you might have to set your Wii hardware and Sensor bar up correctly to prevent this. I think Red Steel lives up to the hype, but some people just expected more than what Ubi Soft stated. People are just easily excited nowadays.

The gameplay is really good and smooth. Sword fights aren't exactly 1:1, but it's still a good feature and a good start for the Wii FPS title. I've only encountered one slowdown throughout the game thus far. The Sound Effects in the game are outstanding and crystal clear. Even on a regular Stereo set. Just to let you know, you can only carry 2 weapons at a time, no matter what size the gun (but you have plenty of weapons to choose from). Red-Steel is realistic for the most part, except your life bar re-fills itself after you take cover from gun-fire. Red Steel is a very good launch title and I've tried to tell you, the reader, an honest review, without adding extra un-needed stuff to the review. If you still doubt Red Steel, maybe you should rent it before you decide whether to buy it or not buy it.

Red Steel receives a 8/10 from me.

Graphics: a solid 8/10
The graphics in Red Steel are above average and really good. Some people talk bad about Red Steel graphics, but trust me, as you play through the game the graphics goes from good to great (to terrific). The shootouts are good too, because the environments in Red Steel are destructible and very realistic. Ubi Soft really did a terrific job in the collision department. Bullet holes are visible on most or all objects. The lighting in the game is realistic, but I wish Ubi Soft would've including the lighting effect from the "fire" from your gun. Basically in darker or dark areas, when you shoot, there isn't a "flash of lighting" from your gun. That could've added a huge realistic display for the game. Although, thats a bit minor, the game is beautiful throughout. The game had a big leap forward, months prior to it's release on the Wii.

Controls: 8.5/10
As bad as I wanna give the controls a 9 out of 10 for Red Steel, I can't. BUT, the controls are very good and responsive. The accuracy with guns(weapons) are amazing and is 1:1 with the Wii-mote. I love the feature that Ubi Soft added, which lets you hold your gun sideways, while shooting. Also opening doors, throwing grenades, flipping over tables, stunning enemies, and many more features can be done by flicking your left wrist. However, the sword fights are not 1:1, but it is decent and fun. Once you start learning different ways to do moves, while using the Wii-mote and the Nunchunks, the sword fighting gets better. Zooming in and out was also re-did for the Wii-mote controller. You hold down A button, and literally move your Wii-mote towards the screen to Zoom in and move your Wii-mote away from the screen to Zoom out. This is an excellent feature too! The control options are rather bland, but allows you to do various things, such as set the sensitivity for aiming and sword fighting and a few other things. Now there are a couple of bad things about the Wii-mote, well actually one minor problem I explained above. The aiming reticle re-centers itself sometimes, although I've solved this minor problems, I'm just pointing out that it does happen from time to time. Sometimes at the worst places (gun battles!) But just set up your Wii hardware and Sensor Bar correctly and you shouldn't have a problem with the Wii-mote.

Gameplay: 8/10
This was an interesting category to review (gameplay), because the Wii introduces completely new ways to play main stream video games. Red Steel is definitely good in the gameplay category, and lives up to the hype. A newbie might think otherwise, but once you give Red Steel a chance, and you learn the control scheme, Red Steel is very enjoyable and fun to play. The movement is responsive with the Wii-mote and the gameplay is intriguing. Some enemies will sneak up on you and surround you. Enemies can punch you as well. Most enemies are dangerous at clost range (especially when they have a shotgun). The collisions and destructible backgrounds adds to the gameplay, as well as the Wii-mote. The Wii-mote adds realism to the game since you can hear your gun reload (and you can hear other things) while your playing the game. The game isn't repetitive, as you would think. The game tried new things mixed with old things and your missions are varied in many ways. So you will do a lot of blasting enemies away, or should I say different ways (by using the Wii-mote). As I've stated and explained above twice, the aiming reticle re-centers itself; And yes this does influence gameplay in many ways. When that happens the game can get a bit frustrating. Also the player can find himself/herself spinning in circles, looking up, or looking down, if they point the Wii-mote away from the screen. Although this is a newbie mistake, most players have already learned the do's and dont's of the Wii-mote while playing Red Steel. So experience equals very good gameplay. Newbie's who don't give the game a chance might thnk other wise.

Fun Factor: 7/10
I've tried to make this review as honest as I could. Although Red Steel is a fun game, it gets boring, THEN OUT OF NOW WHERE IT'S GET FUN AGAIN!! Seriously, the game is fun, though. Once you learn new moves, and gun abilities, the game is addictive, Red Steel is highly influenced on the Wii-mote, and does a good job using the Wii-mote. I think that Red Steel is a solid launch title and is a very good game. Don't be surprised if you find yourself playing Red Steel 3 to 4 times a day. The cut-scenes are Comic book like and not too shabby at all. The main character (you play as) is as silent as ever; I don't even think he even screams while he's getting shot. But anyways The game is a bit addictive, and I think people will be re-playing levels over and over again. Plus the game is a bit long and will take hours to complete. Multiplayer is as fun and addictive as well. Red Steel loading is really decent so the action stays packed throughout the game. Like I said rent Red Steel to see if it's worth the purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/30/06, Updated 12/29/07

Game Release: Red Steel (US, 11/19/06)

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