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Reviewed: 11/30/06

I thought it would be better....

Red Steel. At E3 2006, it was one of the most shown wii titles utilizing the wiimote. Back then it looked really. It seemed like that would become the way FSP shooters would be like. I was wrong. What is wrong about it, is Ubisoft did not take their time to how the wiimote moves and stuff. Even when I point the wiimote at the sensor bar, it goes crazy, and then I die from some random enemy. The graphics are the game cubes launch titles, and the music is weird. The only really good thing is the game. I mean once you get past the third level, you get sued to the controls, but the start of the game can really throw people off. The story is good though, I'll move on to that.

Story 10/10

The story somewhat goes like this. You are at a hotel in LA, and you are about to meet your fiancee's father. When you go up, these crazy waiters that our a rival gang of her father *he's a mafia kingpin*, come and attack you. You then learn that your fiancee has been kidnapped, and her father had been murdered by a rival gang. That's the basics of the story. You then head out on your journey.

Game Play 9/10

The game itself was good. It's a fun game, but some other stuff that I'll talk about later really annoys me. In this game, you have your own Katana to swordfight enemies, and you have a range of modern firearms on your aid to. You have a variety of guns, only a few katana's though. In this game, there is 3 modes. The first one is new game/load game. There you can create a new save file, or , or load your old one and continue from your checkpoint. Sometimes the saving won't work if you just turn your wii off, you may have to start at the start of the level, not your checkpoint. The Story Mode is sketchy at the start and may throw people off the game. But after a bit of levels, the game becomes a bit enjoyable. The next mode is multiplayer mode. This is where I find the game at it's best. If you have more than one wiimote and nunchuk, then you can play a friend in versus and it's pretty fun. Like any FSP game, there's places, weapon select, secondary weapon, and all that stuff. You can play up to four people in multiplayer mode. The next mode is where you can replay any story mode chapters that you have beaten. So if you want to go through the level and maybe improve your rank, then this is the place to go. Well there is one more mode. Options. It's not really a mode, but you can adjust your settings here to make your game how you like it.

Graphics 7/10

I have no idea what ubisoft was thinking here. The graphics are terrible for a next Gen system. Like seriously. It should really look better, and they should've taken their time on this game. It really didn't have to be a launch title.

Sound 8/10

Better than graphics, but they still could've improved it. I'm a bit disappointed of ubisoft here too. They could've taken more time on this game, and put in different music. In every level, it sounds like the same old japan music that we hear everywhere.

Control 9/10

The reason I didn't give it that low is because it is a new way of controlling a FSP game, so I thought I'd cut it some slack. I mean it is pretty cool, slashing your sword, and shooting a gun. Unless of course your one of those people who slash swords around and shoot rival gangs. The only really flaw with it, is that it's a bit off. When I point it at the sensor bar, it like goes crazy, and then I die. I mean the games playable, but will throw off gamers that won't get the the controls easier.

Multiplayer 10/10

I like the multiplayer, It's fun, and you can always have fun playing a friend in multiplayer, even if you don't like the story mode. If both friends know the controls well, then you can have a fun battle between the 2/3/4 of you. I actually have only tried this once, so I don't know much about it, but it was very fun facing my friends. The only downside is you can't use your katana. If you could, that would just be plain awesome.

Replayability 9/10

It's actually a fairly long game. The story can take awhile to beat, and it's always fun to back and replay a level or two to get your rank up, and maybe find new, more powerful weapons. Then there's multiplayer. That really can never get boring, and makes the game more worthwhile.

Overall 8/10

It would've got a 7/10, if not for the multiplayer, and how the long the game is. And it's not that easy either. It could've used some work in a few spots, but people should cut ubisoft some slack. I'm sure it was hard being the first people to make a game like this. Buy or Rent? Personally, I would buy it only if you have more than 1 wiimote/nunchuk. I would rent it if your skeptical about it, or if you just want to try it first, and get a feel of the game before buying it. Well thank you for reading my review, and please rate it if you can because I want to know if it's good or bad so I can improve next time. Thank you and have a fun time playing this if you decide to get it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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