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"Shoot. Kill. Cutscene. Shoot. Kill. Cutscene."

(I am not fully done this game yet)

Honestly, this game isn't what I hoped for. Did Nintendo fit in Japanese words just to make it look cool? The storyline is hardly adequate, you're a fiancee of Miyu, daughter of a man that is insanely rich with a "clan." She's kidnapped, and you kill everyone in your way that tries to stop you from getting to her.

Second, weapons.

Alright, you start off in the game with a P99, a simple handgun capable to killing a few people. Then you have the classic Uzi (Or Mac 11/10), which is a normal submachinegun, no more comments. Then, you have the oh-so-awesome shotgun, with slow reloading, and normal spray of bullets. Next, the "Scar." Some rip off of a semi-automatic rifle, with ammunition everywhere to let you be invincible.

Misc. (Whatever gets to my head)

Health. Of course. Your health. Or more like, your invincibility. Playing Red Steel is like running around and shooting, pause, and continue again. You have your life bar on your top left, and with every shot that hits you; a little off. Then, your heart beats faster than normal while everything is sort of blurry and sound is shaken. Pause, and you have your health rising at an alarming rate. Do you actually recover that quickly? And the whole game is about you, saving your soon-to-be-wife from death or being a valuable hostage from Sato or You. Basically, you're a one man army.

Then, you have the sword fighting. What generation is this? How often do you see a sword lying on the ground, a guy picking it up and learning little martial arts stunts? When you go into "Katana" mode, your guns go off the screen, switching to a sword. The "Katana" mode is alright, but what are really the chances? If you see a man with a sword, waiting for you to go up to him and kill him, why don't you just get your gun back out and shoot him? Realism isn't really a big one in this game. Legs, feet, heads, arms or fists are usable so far into this entire game. You've got your invincible ammunition guns and your invincibility, and finally some random sword pieces you use to "master" the arts.

Now, we still have the lock on. Again, realism isn't a big one into this whole game. When you have lock on, you can tell where your enemy is hiding, or about to go. All you have to do is spray until you're happy, and pick up more ammunition. Red Steel direly needs more array of guns: AK-47, M4A1, Sniper rifles, grenades, smoke grenades. Vehicles should be widely be able to use. All you get to see is a car driving in a street or whatever, and all you have is a gun and sword again, without being able to do anything except kill.

5/10 is what I give Red Steel. Overall, not bad, but nowhere near amazing.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/01/06

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