Review by ConMan09

Reviewed: 12/04/06

New way to play with a new type of game

Let me first start off with this, when I was waiting in line a my Target I new I was going to get Red Steel. Because of all the hype about it I needed to know whether it was worth it or not. And thats what this review is about. I will not tell any spoilers so don't worry about that. Lets begin.

Gameplay: Wow! There's so much to say about this new type of way to play a first person shooter. I guess I will start off by saying, yes at first this games controls are very difficult and angering. But once I got it down (took me like 45 minutes) this was the most fun shooter I had ever played. I'm not going to lie though sometimes the Wii Remote does have a bit of a delay but not much. The only problem about the gameplay is the sword fighting, the reason I got this game. Sword fighting I thought was going to be fun, easy, and effective. But it does'nt fit any of those which I'm sad to say. Learning the moves takes long and tedious hours to master and not to mention pass the learning test. Now I will take you to the slow mo shooting (well thats what I call it). As you may have seen you can slow time down and lock on to multiple enemies at a time. And this is all I have to say about is amazing! Now if it wasn't for the sword fighting the slight delay this would have been a 10.


Graphics: Ohh the graphics. Not much to say for this. Yes the graphics aren't the best...but also they're not the worst. The surroundings are clear but not crisp. They're not as sharp as I was hoping. During the cutscenes (not the comical cutscenes) the graphics are pretty good but the mouth movement is off so much it really can annoy you. This games graphics are about the same as some average PS2 games which isn't that bad. I didn't really care though that the graphics were just average because the game was so fun and interesting. So don't by this game for its lacking graphics. So without further adu here is my rating for graphics.


Sound: The sound is actually pretty good. Its sometimes a little sloppy but most of it is just fine and can compare to other games in sound because of the insound system in the Wii Remote. This game tried to make it as real as possible with sounds. The sound of foot steps, gun shots, reloading, explosions, glass breaking, etc. There so much sound it makes you feel like your there. But if the Wii Remotes sound system would have been a little clearer it would have been truly a masterpiece. But to actually have a game that has good sound quality is refreshing to know. So sorry I didn't write that much about the sound, but it will be alright. So here is my score for sound.


Story: Finally the to my last part of this review. This games story is possible but very very far fetched. There's so many characters that have strange names and so many characters that become important its hard to remember the point of the game. Now this wont ruin the game because this happens in the first 10 seconds of playing it, your soon to be wife is kidnapped. So thats what I thought it was about but then there so many places you go without reason you loose interest and eventually forget the story line. But now that I have beaten this game I will say I had mixed feelings. I know what happens but the ending wasn't as spectacular as I was expecting. So this games story will definitely not be a 10 but who cares it still is a great game. With no more delay here is the score.


So now that this review has come to an end I will say that this game is worth buying and will bring a lot of joy and pain to you. But this is truly an underrated game for how revolutionary it was. So if your an first person shooter fan than Red Steel should belong with your collection. Thank you.

Final Score 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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