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"The truth about Red Steel"

If I had to use one word to describe Red Steel, it would be "Underrated"

Red Steel was the first revealed Wii game which created a massive amount of hype. People everywhere expected an amazingly revolutionary first person shooter, and Ubisoft made several claims which made the game sound simply amazing.

Jump ahead a few months to the launch of the Wii and the release of Red Steel, and all I see is negative, negative, and more negative bashing surrounding this game. These negative comments are completely unfair, and I think if you're honestly looking for the lowdown on the game, this review will give it to you straight. Let's start off with the basics.

Graphics- Definitly some of the best graphics for a Wii game out right now. Not as good as say Zelda, but they're still great. Many places are marking the game down on graphics because it's not on par with PS3. Let me take this moment to say...


Sorry but it's the truth. We all know the Wii won't be on par with other systems graphics wise, but to say they're "Bad graphics" is wrong. I'm a firm believer that graphics are not whats important in a game. If you can tell whats going on, and the graphics aren't making you say "What's going on!?!" then I'll enjoy them. However in this case, Red Steel's graphics are great.

Honestly though, the one thing that ticked me off on occasion was frame rate slowdown, which happens on occassion. It subtracts slightly from the gameplay experience, however it doesn't completely kill the game.

Sound- Has some great soundtracks, and sound effects. Especially when you reload a weapon and hear the sound come out of the Wiimote speaker. Very immersive experience. Voice Acting is cheesy, but it's meant to be that way. Video Games shouldn't have good voice acting. Especially one that replicates the feeling of a typical B-rated Action movie. Where would we be today without cheesy voice acting in video games?

We wouldn't be saying "DO A BARREL ROLL!" or "FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!". Thats for sure! :D

Gameplay/Controls - I've heard complaints about controls. If you have ANY complaints about the controls. This is your problem.

1. Your Wii Setup sucks, and you're at a bad spot for the sensor bar.
2. You suck at aiming, or comprehending the motions you need to use.

Thats all there is to it. The aiming and shooting portion is perfect. You see an enemy, aim at him, and shoot. Clunky turning is said to be a major issue and honestly I've never had a problem with it. I've never found myself dead due to the fact that I was turning to slow. As a matter of fact, I think it works great compared to Call of Duty 3's super fast turning that disorients your aiming.

There is something called "The Jumpy Cursor" going around that flashes the cursor back to the center of the screen for like a split second. It's distracting at moments, and I believe it's worse depending on your sensor bar/Wii setup. Can't really prove that, but I've never had a serious problem with the issue. It's happened to me on occassion but I was never actually fighting enemies when it occurred. However there is a way to fix this completely by turning off the sound on your Wiimote. So if you're willing to sacrifice the reloading sound if the jumpy cursor is really THAT annoying (which I never found it to be mind you) then that's your decision.

Swordplay I'll admit was clunkier, but unplayable? Hell no. It could've been better, but for the final product, it turned out good. Pulling off some of the advanced moves can be difficult and unresponsive at times, But beyond that, you learn the motions, and you can still pull off the basics. It's not perfect, but it's still fun, and enjoyable. Frustrating? Eh barely. You'll get better and get the hang of it.

Replayability- Besides the fact that the main game is a load of fun, you have a multiplayer mode which Ubisoft was kind enough to include, unlike some other games that were ported without multiplayer (*CoughCALLOFDUTY3Cough*). It's lacking in unlockables but the levels have a ranking system which should keep some people busy. If not playing through the levels are fun in themselves.

Multiplayer is really fun. Once again, not perfect, had more potential, but it's still great. I've only played 1 on 1 so far and it was VERY addicting. I can't comment on 4 player and I can only hope there is no slowdown , but it seems like it would be very fun. It's very reminiscent of Goldeneye, and you'll love it. My main gripe is no bots though. I think it would've been a nice option to include.

So. To sum it up basically. Red Steel is a solid 8/10 game. I'd personally rate it an 8.5. The absolute lowest this game should be getting is a 7. Ubisoft Paris only had 1 year to work on this game, and for the final product, they did a damn good job. People had their expectations set way to high. Ubisoft definitly had the ideas and the potential to make this game spectacular, and I'm guessing due to strict development time they couldn't include EVERYTHING they had hope to. But thats okay. Because the final product is still a great fun game, and it's worth every penny IMO.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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