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"Red Steel - A Review"

I just finished Red Steel. I put 7-8 hours into the game start to finish.

There are multiple areas of the game that could have used some improvement, however there are also things that were executed well.

The Controls - 6.5/10
As an avid Console and Pc gamer, the control scheme was not all that bad for me. When I first put the game in I went straight to Multiplayer to get used to the controls. There IS a decently hefty learning curve, but getting past it only requires time. If you do not give yourself enough time to conquer the learning curve, you will not be happy that you bought it.

The Graphics - 7.5/10
There are certain things that I expected both realistically, and fantastically from this game. I presumed that the graphics were of a quality that would be better than something you could see on Gamecube...and they were. If you go in expecting better than say, Battlefield 2142, you will be sorely disappointed. The highlight of the graphics would have to be the lighting system. It is hard to explain, but shows up in most gameplay videos.

The Story - 5/10
As storylines go, this was not the worst I've seen... but I have seen *many* games that have better. I would go into specifics, but I wont due to spoiler reasons. What you need to know, is that the storyline is very predictable, and lacks any juicy twists.

The Gameplay - 7/10
I was disappointed to find two different glitches ingame that required me to restart my game. If you killed enemies too quickly, or more than one at a time, there is a chance that the next group will not spawn and you will get stuck. The only other thing that comes to mind is the zooming system. Zooming is simple enough... but if you flinch even the smallest bit it will start scrolling in and out rapidly. The final beef is the mis-timed vocals. In just about every cutscene, the text/characters would act a full 3-5 seconds before the sound would play. Otherwise the gameplay was smooth and enjoyable.

The Multiplayer - 5/10
This game had alot going for it. The keyword here is had. It had tremendous potential, with very poor execution. There are a mere 4 levels, 3 types of gameplay (1 if you are only playing 1v1), and NO swordplay. Maybe if you have never played an FPS before you would be satisfied, but I was not.

Overall - 7/10
Red Steel did not meet the hype that built it up. Poor storyline, short gametime, and lacking multiplayer doomed this game to forever sit on my shelf with all of the other games I wont pick up and play again. I gave it such a high review because I think it deserves it. My expectations are spoiled, but yours may not be.

I would recommend this game for console gamers, and the non-hardcore. If you have a PC that will play Battlefield 2142 smoothly wth a constant 60 FPS+ you should probobly skip this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/20/06

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