"Redsteel: Yes or No?"

Yes, as you may of heard before the Wii release about a "Great new game by Ubisoft which utilises the Wii remote as both a gun and a sword!" well, yes, those words sucked me in, and I couldn't resist buying this game along with Zelda at the Wii launch, and I must say, it is an interesting game indeed.

I was surprised how this game was, it reminded me alot of Time Splitters and Goldeneye for some odd reason. The game sucked me in when I first picked up the Wii remote, and yes, you can use the sword, but only in limited parts in the game. When you see someone with a weapon, strangely you pull out your sword and have a duel. You have two swords, one to block and the other to attack, but that's as much as I will say.

Realism isn't a big factor, but which videogames have realism now days? The story seems a bit sappy for my taste, but that's just me, the story starts off with your girlfriend, an old client it seems, (Your character Steve is a bodyguard) and you need to see your father for his blessing in marriage, then, some random gang comes in and tries to kill her father, while they capture your fiance, which then sets the story. It will take you from auto garages in LA, to old dojos in Tokyo

And now the big part, the gameplay. It's nothing amazing, but I would like to see some expansion on it, because it seems like a good first step in the FPS genre for the Wii. Aiming is fairly annoying to do at the start of the game, mostly because of the censor, but you can use a more precise aiming mode with the "A" button, in which you can also track the enemy you have locked on to. You will get used to it after the first level. There is alot of ammo for each of the guns, so you are never really running dry, and you can unlock ammo storage after a while. You don't get much health in the game, but to balance it out, it regenerates once you are in cover for long enough. The AI is lacking, it sometimes freezes, and they also seem to have miracle aim. There is bullet time in the game, but it isn't what you expect. There is multiplayer mode, but it is pretty hopeless, although it has some good aspects, such as your primary skill. The voice acting in the game is lacking, and the enemy's battle words get annoying, I swear they call Scott, the main character a she at times.

So, in closing, I would recommend getting this game, but don't expect anything great, or endless hours of entertainment, but it is a good building block for the future of Wii FPS. A sequel would be the only thing that would make this game fantastic, because this seems rushed alot, and they would hopefully pick up the errors. But this is all my opinion, so don't take my words if you don't like them.

Thanks for reading, Robert.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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