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"Come on guys, this isn't that bad!"

I've read a lot of different reviews from this site, and others. I have seen a lot of people that seem to be disappointed with this game. All these bad comments and reviews about this game has effected my choice in whether or not to buy this game. What did I do? I put all those bad comments aside and went out and bought the game knowing that a lot of people bashed it. I can safely say I am very well pleased with this game.

1) Game play and controls
It's fun to play, especially with the Wii-mote. The experience in actually controlling where you shoot with the movement of your wrist/arm is fascinating. It's not uncomfortable as some might say, and you get used to free-hand aiming since you have probably adapted to analog aiming. The cursor sometimes gets jittery and freezes your movement for no longer than a split second, and from my observations is caused if you are too close to the sensor bar. It doesn't happen to me often, and shouldn't ruin the game play for you.

I was a little disappointed with the sword fights at first. In the beginning of the game, sword fights seem to be quick, easy, and boring, but as I got further my enemies were more skilled and put up a greater challenge than the others, which woke me up and put more life into the game. The only problem I had with the sword battles, is that there isn't as much flexibility with the sword as I thought there was. It should of been more like the bat in Wii Sports, instead, the sword has a fixed position and only moves when you want to slash.

I have heard that people think after the first few missions it gets difficult. This is not true, unless you really are just bad at the game. There are some challenging parts during the game, but that's all inevitable. A game does not just get difficult after a few missions.

Overall I think the game play and the controls are pretty good. Since this was one of the first titles that uses the new aiming system with the Wii-mote, I'm sure Nintendo will fix all the faults in it with later games.

2) Story
"Los Angeles, present day. Armed thugs kidnap your fiancee and murder her father, a feared Yakuza overlord. You follow her to Tokyo, where you're plunged into the midst of a brutal gang war."
The story behind this game is attention grabbing. It was well thought out, and it's easy to follow. As it builds up, it puts you in suspense, making you want to continue with the game. I don't have much else to say about the story except that it was well thought out, which is always a good thing of course.

3) Graphics and sound
A lot of people say that these graphics would be good, if it were one of the Gamecube's launch title. I disagree with those people. A lot underestimate the Wii's graphics. Of course, they aren't the best out of the other systems, but they aren't horrible either. Ubisoft did a nice job overall with Red Steel's graphics, but the thing they should of put more work in are the enemies. There should be a more wide variety in enemies than just 3 or 4 people that have slightly adjusted faces. The levels were well done, and the weapons along with other effects such as explosions look great.

The sound is a huge flaw in this game. Music is repeated, but it's nice when the music gets intense and fast which tells you that a big shoot out is going to occur, and the phrases that the enemies say are picked out of about 5. The enemies should have more vocabulary. But, I must say, the voice acting in this game was well done, except that the voice acting needs to be more in sync with the dialogue text during cut scenes. Other than that, explosions, gun shots, and other sound effects are great.

4) Final thought
You should really consider renting this game or borrowing from a friend before buying it. I myself took a risk and just bought it, but I made a good decision and I wound up enjoying the game. There aren't too many flaws in this game, and overall it's pretty good and would be a nice addition to your collection.

I give this game an 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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