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Reviewed: 01/02/07

1st Person Shooter Fans Will Love RS, The Others Won't...

First off, I will start by saying that Red Steel is my favorite Wii game currently out, but this does not mean I will give it a 10/10. I will write it from a critic's point of view and take everything into consideration. I wil split the game into four sections: Gameplay, Graphics, Storyline and Re-Playability.

Now, if you are just starting on the wii and it is the first time using a Nunchuck controller then it can be hard to get used too. The first level of the game should be sufficient to get over this process. Once the controls ARE mastered, they are simple and easy to use. Reloading can be done with a quick flick of the nunchuck and switching guns is just done by pressing the D-Pad. The zooming in can be tricky too, you need to move the wiimote closer to the TV, and this can make your arm ache after a while. The controls in swordplay are easy too, you begin to learn more complex tricks as the game goes on however. The sword is controlled with your wiimote and you can parry attacks using the nunchuck. So overall, the controls are simple to use, but depending on your current gaming skill they may take a while getting used to.

Now, before the Wii came out there was a lot of hype about the graphics being just Gamecube level, but I strongly disagree. In Red Steel the missions take you to many diffrent colourful areas. For example, Japan in a beautiful garden with a centra dojo. The lighting and shading look amazing and everything looks at least X-Box grade graphics. The neon lights in Tokyo glow brightly in night shootout scenes and there is even a level in the Game-Clan (I think that's what they are called...) where each of their rooms is so full of colour that you should cry! The cutscenes are pretty cool, they are anime comic book pictures that look like they have been pulled acrosss the screen. So, I think that Red Steel deserves:

This is where Red Steel sort of drops, it is a classic 'Save Your Girlfreind!' setting with elements of The Matrix and Kill Bill. You get caught up in a gangster undercity of Tokyo and L.A. and to be honest, it could have been a little more exciting. The storyline picks up slightly once you get to Tokyo because you begin to make freinds and dive deeper into the gangs. Sorry Red:

Again, this where it lets down too. The levels are quite lengthy, and you can't just start from a checkpoint. So if you enjoyed a particular swordfight then you would have to fight to get there again. The multi-player mode is extremely replayable though, once you start you find that it is amazing and find yourself glued to the TV. So, taking both points into mind, I give this section:




If you enjoyed Red Steel, I suggest you purchase Call of Duty 3 as your next game...

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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