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"A Decent Start For Wii FPS"

You, as Scott, are planning to be married to the daughter of a man named Sato. Your fiance is kidnapped, and you save your fiance's father from the kidnappers. It turns out Sato is a Yakuza boss who is wanted dead by said kidnappers who are themselves a gang of Yakuzas. You go on a mission to save your fiance and defend her father. Basically, you're this guy who goes to save his lover after being sucked into a gang war.

Controls - 7/10
The controls were a pain to get used to, but I blame it somewhat on the fact that this was my first Wii game. I got used to the controls after making it through the first two levels. The main problem with the controls is how sensitive it is even on the lowest sensitivity. You really have to finesse the aimer into place instead of the easily movable aimer I had expected. They're fun controls when you get used to them. I think it was a nice use of the Wiimote despite the flaws it has.

Story - 6/10
I've come to expect less from a FPS story after playing through many of them. It's a pretty straightforward story. Lover gets kidnapped. You kill off her kidnappers and save her. That's it. No amazing twists so don't get your hopes up. It sets up enough of an atmosphere where you kind of want to kill off the Yakuza if you actually get into the story, but, compared to games such as the Final Fantasy series, the story lacks creativity and ingenuity. It's good enough for a FPS though as most FPS player that I know are just looking to shoot some things and less towards a story of some sort.

Sound - 9/10
The music is great from what I heard of it. It fit the game well and wasn't distracting or abrasive to listen to. I'm one to turn on my own music while playing FPS games though. The sounds coming from the Wiimote were enjoyable such as the sound of a clip clicking into place when you reloaded. It added to the feeling of you holding a gun instead of a plastic controller. The voice acting was horrible. I expected as much though. I've been highly disappointed by the voice acting in many games lately. The voices matched the characters well enough to keep me amused though. It was also fun to sit around with six of my friends making fun of some of the bad Japanese accents. Overall, sound was good enough for me.

Graphics - 7/10
These were mediocre. After playing this and then playing Twilight Princess, I noticed a major difference in polygon count and such. Everything in Red Steel is extremely boxy. It looks like the kind of graphics that you get from the cheaper movie video games. The cutscenes work nicely but are not in any way impressive as they are in a comic book form. All the enemies look alike. My friend said as we played that he thinks that they were taking the saying that all asians look alike to the extreme in the game. The environments were blocky and looked generally the same. The graphics were really a disappointment. I hope that if there's a sequel they'll put more effort into the graphics.

Multiplayer - 9/10
Multiplayer on Red Steel reminds me of Goldeneye on N64 which in my opinion was one of the best Multiplayer games of it's time. Playing with three of my friend was a blast. Multiplayer has no swordfights which was a bit off a letdown. There's only four maps which makes the scenery get a little boring after a while. Like in any other FPS, your friends will begin to memorize maps and look at your screen to find out exactly where you are. A wide selection of maps usually helps to keep that from happening too much as you can pick one that neither player knows very well. Multiplayer is only as fun as the people you play with.

Replayability - 5/10
If you really liked the game, I guess you might enjoy going back through. Personally, I'd find it extremely boring. There's no plot twists in the storyline. After playing through a map once, you learn the locations of everyone and killing them off becomes extremely easy. In my opinion, it's like any other FPS. You play through once, and you're set. There's not much left to do but go back and shoot some guys to release some stress every now and then. Some added minigames and such might've helped the replayability of this game.

Overall - 8/10
It's not bad for the first real Wii exclusive FPS. I was a bit disappointed by it, but it wasn't enough for me to quit playing. I got pissed at how hard it was to aim on my first night playing it but found myself playing it the next morning and finally mastering aiming. If you like FPS games or a game to just amuse yourself for about a week or so, you'll probably enjoy this one. If you're looking for a story or a video game masterpiece, I suggest to not even consider this. It has many flaws that should've been worked out before Ubisoft released it, but, overall, it's not a bad game. It was a nice addition to my collection of games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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