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"A great way to start the Wii"

Red Steel is a game that when you first play you don't feel as if its right. After 10-15 minutes you get the hang of the controls and start loving the game. Its great game play just makes you wont to play it more and more until you beat it or the hype you have for the game is over.

Story 6/10
You play as a character named Scott who you never get to see his face. You and your finance go to visit someone but something goes wrong. Your finance gets kidnapped and knowing like usual Scott has to save her. After getting a certain important sword you get pulled into more gang fights and strange people. The cut scenes are like comic style that is strange but also works well with the style of the game.

Game play 8/10
The controls are excellent and easy to use. The numchuck is used in many different ways like tipping tables over, reloading, opening doors etc. The main wii remote is used for aiming, switching weapons and shooting. On the 2nd level of the game you start to sword fight. This is very fun and you will gain combos later on. In sword fights your wii remote is to slash and your numchuck is to block. You still move left and right while you sword fight. There's a 2 ways you can win these fights first is if you get the opponents health to 0 or if you brake their sword. Once you have beaten a sword fight you can let the person live by moving your numchuck or finish them of. If you let the person live you get respect points that you use for better guns and combo's later in the game. You also get focus moves that are useful for making a enemy surrender. Shoot the gun out of their hands then wave your arm and they surrender. Your health is a different system to other games. If you are hurt after a little while it will heal itself completely so you can hide behind a box if you need health. One of the downsides is that you can only hold 2 guns at a time and you seem to use a lot of ammo because its hard to aim. If you hold A you can zoom in and out and also make time pause so you can lock onto things. One other thing is that you cant skip cut scenes so if you restart a level you have to watch the cut scene again, and trust me this gets annoying.

Sound 9/10
The voice acting has to be the funniest things you will ever see. Japanese with American voices, priceless. Also you have some people trying to sound like a Japanese person but they end up sounding real pathetic. The sound of guns shooting is great and the sword noises are sweet. The noises of a phone ringing and sword slashes are usually on your wii remote. The music is always calm but when you get into battle the music changes sometimes it even does some Japanese music, scary eh?

Graphics 6/10
The graphics aren't the best you can get they are like gamecube graphics. But you don't really take time to care about the graphics unless you are in the dojo or night club. Sometimes you see a hand sticking through a door even if you shoot it, they still won't get hurt.

Multiplayer 5/10
Multiplayer isn't the best but if you have 4 people then it can be real fun. Killer mode is one of the modes that are best for 4 people. Killer mode is a great mode what happens is when your wii remote wrings press 2 to answer it. You will hear a message from the wii remotes speakers and it will say something like kill player 2, protect player 2, use a certain gun to kill player 3 and so on, it's really a blast. Other then that the multiplayer is real annoying because having little screens makes it harder to aim and walk around for the game.

Replay value 8/10
The replay is that you can replay your favorite levels over and over again. You wouldn't start a new file because the story doesn't make you start again and you can play with the levels.

Overall 8/10
Red Steel is a good game but there are many ways it could have been better. The voice acting is horrible, the minor glitches and way more guns to use. It's easy to see why the game has so many mixed opinions.

If you want a Wii game that will last you for a week or two pick up Red Steel it's a good game with lots to offer the Wii. If you don't want to take a risk with buying the game just rent it. But I think you won't regret using money for this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/07

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