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"It's like an Asian Mission Impossible Three...."

The only grabbing point in this game is the beginning. The plot is plainly based on trying to find someone, and the only easy way is to give the enemy something they want that you have. I got this game on Sunday, when I'm usually bored, and I loved the time that I was able to play it in. The next day.... meh. Don't let the fact that this is a Wii FPS make you buy it.

I've compared this to MI3 already (plotwise), but it also reminded me of Perfect Dark Zero, just with swordfighting. Your character moves quite slowly, and the health system consists of a small health bar that recovers in approx 5 seconds.

Sure, you get some new skills (new sword techniques, disarming enemies some more stuff) but you hardly ever use them........

The thing that wanted me to buy this game the most (yup, made a mistake by buying it instead of trying it first) was the swordfighting. That, sadly, also disappointed me. Each battle can be won by waving the Wiimote around like a maniac. And the battles are introduced so boringly. I was hoping that someone would jump out at you once you turned a corner. Instead, your character will have his hand over his his sword sheath and you can see your opponent walking around just a few feet away.

The dialogue is also quite annoying. When in fire-fights, your enemies will shout out the same, tired old lines. Cutscenes? Made up of something like comic-strips, with a lot of Japeneese giberish in bewteen in the english parts.


Tired old gunfights with boring, uninsulting (I know its a video-game, but its like they didn't even try) taunts. Predictable and uninteresting swordfights. It's basically a shoot 'em up with no unqie way of using the things around you to help you win. In my opinion, it would've been better to have this a some downloadable computer game. I've had not one adrenaline rush in this game. Even when a factory is about to blow up - while your fighting your way out, I was still relaxed and sleepily sitting back in my seat, rather than on the egde of my seat (Like at the end of the first Halo game).

I'm still only half way done with this review, and I got a lot more critism to go... I was really let down and disappointed by this game. And the fact that it was made by Ubisoft. They've had so many great games like the Ghost Recon games and Splinter Cell games. Since Ubisoft is so massive, I'm also expecting a sequel (if there IS gonna be one.. I never finished the game. An unfiar review? I think not. I wnat games to grab me in through the whole experience) by late 2008.


It's for the Wii, don't expect great visuals, expect great gameplay. However, I received none. The enviornemnts are quite dull and undetailed. And.. boring. Compare this game's scenery to Zelda's. Both have about the same graphics (if not, equal) but Zelda's surroundings, although not the best graphics, it was great to admire. The only cool thing I kinda liked was being able to hold your gun a different way (kinda like a gangster way) but even that gets kinda annoying.................


Like I've said before, it's like a Japaneese Mission Impossible Three (and even MI3 was quite disappointing compared to the first one). You and your enemy both want something (not saying what) and apparently it's gonna be a big tragedy if they get what you have.


Perhaps this is why this is such a dull game? No, this isn't ALL to blame it all. But there is a lot of things that disappoint me about the music. There's hardly any at all, and it's kinda slow paced for firefights. And the rest of the music is just some really bad Japeneese radio station that you occasionly hear walking around buildings.


Sword clashing, gun firing, etc. I fuess that's the only thing good about this game. But I don't think they utilze the Wiimote's speaker enough. The only things I remember it being used for are when you change weapons and when you attack with your sword. Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure you can hear your own footsteps in this game..........

Overall, this game was a disappontment. If you must play it, rent it and get past the firts level, THEN see how much fun it isn't. If you want a good Wii game, then I suggest getting Zelda or Call of Duty 3 (Call of Duty takes some getting used to at first, but once you master the controls its great) Call of Duty
3 has lots of times when you get on the edge of your seat. Grenades back n forth, the feel of war around you. Or, if you don't wanna relive WWII, wait for Metriod Prime, perhaps that will be a antoher good FPS for the Wii.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/30/07

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