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"Thanks to motion sensing, I finally enjoy a shooter game."

Red Steel, by Ubisoft, is a first person shooter game using the Wii's motion sensing. Although I have never really enjoyed any shooter games, even the ones that people say are good, this game has to be one of the most hyped up first person shooter game I have played. I actually only enjoyed one first person shooter, which was Metroid Prime. I would say that Metroid Prime can compare to Red Steel. Red Steel was one of the Nintendo Wii's launch titles, and most people said that it was a disappointing one. Even with the negative comments I hear all over the boards and some negative reviews about this game, I decided to try it out because I saw videos of it and thought this game would be great. When I began playing it, I was already attached and even played it more than I played my other games like Zelda. You not just shoot with a gun throughout the game. There is also katana fighting at some parts of the game, which I found interesting.

Game Play / Controls - 8/10
The game is kind of addicting in my opinion. The game is controlled by the nunchuk and wii remote. The nunchuk is used to move your character around, open doors, pick up weapons, press switches, kneel down, etc. While the wii remote is used to turn around, aim, shoot, zoom in, change weapons etc. There are a variety of firearms and shotguns to choose from to aid you in your mission. After defeating opponents, you can take the bullets from their weapons or switch one of you weapons with the one they left behind. You can carry up to two weapons at a time. This first person shooter is different from most other first person shooter games. You can aim freely with you wii remote, rather than using an analog stick to aim. There is also katana fighting with other opponents who do not carry guns, instead sticks or swords. This is when you use the nunchuk almost as much as you use the remote. The nunchuk is now used to parry attacks, dodge, block, etc. All of that is a bit useless with the easy opponents in the beginning of the game, but will be a lot more useful later in the game when there are harder opponents. The wii remote is basically used to attack you opponent with the katana. The controls of the game may be a bit confusing in the beginning, but do not worry. You will get very used to it after playing through the first mission of the game. Then the game play becomes a lot more exciting. The only mishap with the game play and controls is that you have to hold the nunchuk and wii remote up at all times while playing. That might cause your arms to get tired easily. But still, the game play and controls are awesome.

Storyline - 10/10
The storyline of the game is actually kind of interesting and straight forward. It starts when you and your fiancée are in a hotel waiting for her father to arrive. Then rival gang members kidnap your fiancée and then they kill her father. You chase them to a series of places to track them down and save your fiancée.
The story is one of the main reasons I enjoy the game.

Sound / Music - 7/10
This game had voice acting that fits each character. The cutscenes had voice acting and even while you are shooting people in the game. Except the voices of them sounded the same and there was only a few quotes that they say. The music of the game was unique, but at some areas, I do not even hear any music going on. Most of the music sounded the same in different places though. The sound effects are the best part of the game. It sounded realistic, almost as if the whole environment around you is from the game. The gunshots and reloading sound effects sound so realistic; it is almost as if you are shooting a real gun with your wii remote. Other sounds like explosions and glass shattering were also brilliant. The score could have been higher in this category, except the repetitive voice acting and lack in some more music made it lower.

Graphics - 8/10
The graphics of the game impressed me. It was actually great for the graphics of the Nintendo Wii. I have seen better graphics on other shooter games, but the graphics of this game are not bad at all. The scenery looks great and so does the people. Some of the textures were not detailed and somewhat boring. Some of the cutscenes are played in comic book style which looked alright. Overall with the graphics, I say it is above average.

Replay Value - 7/10
The story mode of this game is about 12-15 hours depending on how fast you advance in the game. This game does not have much of a replay value in story mode, unless you are interested in challenging yourself again or finding new and more powerful weapons. The multiplayer is great though, even if you already beat the story mode. That should keep you a little playing this game a bit more after you've beaten it.

Overall - 8/10
This game is not as bad it sounds. I wouldn't listen to the negative comments that people say about this game. Although it did have some flaws, it is one of the best first person shooter games I have ever played. I say that Red Steel is worth it. If you are a big fan of shooter games, I recommend that you buy the game. But if you enjoy shooter games very much, you should give this game a chance by at least renting it. I have never really enjoyed any shooter games before except for Metroid Prime. But this game is had made me change my opinion of all shooter games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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