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Reviewed: 03/12/07

Gun, swords, explosions, ninjas, ninjas with guns.


Red Steel for Nintendo. What can you say? Before the console's launch, this game was hyped to no end. Now, just about everybody bashes it for not meeting that hype. They were expecting a mind blowing video game. The perfect FPS. What they got was a great game, but not the skull smackingly great one they were expecting. So thus, the game sucked to those it let down. But, a few people can understand it's greatness and you shall be one of them after reading my review.


The plot begins at a restaurant with you, Scott Monroe and your fiance, Miyu. You are waiting for her father, Isao Sato. Sato is a Yukuza kingpin,"but he is not bloodthirsty drug lord or arms dealer, Sato is honorable," in the words of his friend whom you meet in the first few levels. Back to the plot, a rival gang is dressed up like the restaurant's staff and they ambush you, kidnapping Miyu, mortally wounding Sato, and knocking you cold. The drama unfolds from there. It may be a cliche "save the princess" story that has been used since Shigeru Miyamota introduced stories in video games with the original Donkey Kong, but it is filled with more than enough twists you keep you interested. Nothing deep, but very engaging.

Sound and music

The sound effects are broad and range from explosions, gunshots, shattering glass to clashing blades. I'd have to say quality is pretty good, but I'd no expert on modern games. SNES is my newest console next to Wii. But, it doesn't take an up to date game guru to understand a guy getting shot when he hears it.

Voice acting is good, but they really stereotyped the Asian voices. They say the "r" sound in place of the "l" sound, fans of the guy who owns City Wok in South Park will feel right at home here.

Music is just amazing! It fits every mood of the game perfectly. The music gets more and more intense at the amount of enemies on the screen. Some songs feature Japanese voices which I like to linger and listen too. And, if I ever got into a shootout, then I'd like that Asian punk song playing during it.


Some people like them, some hate them. Red Steel's visuals are just awesome. Maybe a bit blocky in foggy places, but still awesome. Just compare it to Ubisoft's other Wii launch FPS title: Farcry Vengeance. Scott's hand does not look like beef jerky and computer screens and paintings on the wall are superb down to the last detail. The story is told using Sliding 2D stills much like the Ninja Gaiden games on NES. Some may gripe that they are not FMV, but they are well done and contribute a lot to Red Steel's gritty atmosphere.


This is a big reason why Red Steel is shunned. I am here to tell you that Red Steel controls very well especially for the first game of it's kind using the wii remote. Moving requires you to use the analog stick on the nunchuck and the wiimote's motion sensing simultaneously to control Scott much like the two analog sticks on traditional controllers control your characters in other first person shooters. You also use the remote's pointing to aim your weapon. The buttons work very well with what they do. Z, the lower nunchuck button ducks. Z, the higher one jumps. B, is used like a trigger. And, A is used for locking on targets and zooming in. There is learning curve, but you'll get used to it if you take your time. In sword fights, you can swing you katana with the wiimote in eight directions while you use the tanto in your left hand to block. Red Steel very well thought out controls and is just the beginning of first person shooters one the Wii.

Game play

Wii's motion sensing is very essential to Red Steel's game play. Without it, it would just be another good FPS, not a great one. You actually aim your gun and throw you grenades. You can throw you grenades or roll them across the floor depending on you move the nunchuck. As you pursue your goal, you gain new sword moves and combos called katas. You also gain the ability to freeze time in shooting parts by pressing A and zooming in right after. While time is frozen, you can shoot people either in the groin for fun, or the head for an instant kill shot. You can also shoot their weapon so they will submit to you. By sparing your foe's life in shooting and sword battles, you gain respect points which move you up in rank.

The sword fights are the best part of the game and you will be looking forward to them every corner. You strike using the regular swing for the moves taught at the dojo and defend by blocking with the nunchuck or dodging with the C button and the stick in the desired direction. It is all pretty easy until the tenth level where you must memorize your opponent's patterns so you'd know when to block or dodge. Stand up during these parts for the best results.


If you're anything like me, then Red Steel has everything. Aside from what I've stated in the tagline, there are also suicidal bunnies, cross dressers that blend in with pink skirted dummies, and guys dressed like dinosaurs. Red Steel is great if you just give it a chance.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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