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Reviewed: 08/26/07

Red Steel: Hated by most, liked by me.

Introduction: This was one of the first games I got for my Wii. I got my Wii in the first week that it came out. How did I find one? One word: eBay. Those were the days, being envied for having something no one else did. Oh well. Everyone who had a Wii back then hated this game. Don't know why, but they did. Nobody I know in real life likes this game. Except for my one friend. I don't know why so many people hate it, the only thing I can imagine is the controls, and maybe the storyline. It is a great game, really. Not much of a multi player, but it is fun when you're better than someone and they watch at the hard parts. This game take into part two ways to kill your enemies. They are sword fighting and gun using. It has a variety of guns. From AE rifles to uzis, this game gives you so many ways and opportunities to kill kill kill the Japanese mafia, or Yakuza, and also some American gangsters and truckers. Quite a selection if I do say so myself. And I do.

Game play FPS and sword fighting 9/10: For the most part, this game is FPS, which is short for first person shooter. There are a great variety of weapons, as stated earlier, to use on the story's antagonists. Shoot shoot shoot your way through Yakuza, gangsters, until you face a swordsmen. Theses swordsmen are in every level, some few and some many. There are a few ways to be the victor of one of these said matches. You can break their swords, use deadly katas, use combo moves, or just randomly hack and slash your way to victory then visit teachers to learn more of those powerful katas, destructive combos, a more powerful sword, and improve your ninja time stop ability, in which you stop time to shoot enemies quickly. Or, if you want the Japanese mafia to bow down before you, to earn respect points, you can tag your weapons and make them surrender by moving the nunchuk up and down. Tagging a leader will force all the others around him to surrender. In the last fight, you break the sword that is the symbol of the clan that you represent. The ending is somewhat bad, the bad guy isn't even executed by your clan. That really sucks, but that belongs in the storyline section, now doesnt it.

Storyline 7/10: The storyline goes as follows. First, your fiance wants you to meet her father, who is a Yakuza lord. You need his blessing before you get married. She walks in to talk to her father before you come in. Uh oh! looks like an enemy Yakuza gang, or clan has infiltrated the building as waiters! Oh, it's always the one that serves the food. And the chefs, too! Oh the humanity! And those random guys you see on the roof! I really trusted those guys! I don't know who's good and who's bad any more! Anyways, her father is mortally wounded, and you search for this guy, Ryuichi, who seems to be the leader of the bad people. Your next few hours are filled with blood and the screams of Japanese people, as you find him. Your girl friend is shipped to Japan, and a sniper takes out Ryuichi as he was about to tell you where she is. You go to Japan, save a guy named Harry at his bar, and the other members of the Yakuza clan that your father in law owned meet with you, each giving you a quest to get back part of Japan. The financial, gaming, fishmarket, harbor, and Geisha districts. Once you do that, the members get kidnapped, and Harry betrays you. Kill Harry with your sword, and save everyone. Now go all kamikaze on Taiko, the bad guy, and his hide out, riddled with Yakuza and ninjas. Then you win. Not the greatest, but at least it's there.

Multi player 8/10: Not the greatest, there are definitely better ones. It does not stand up to Halo 2 or 007 golden eye, but still pretty good. If you have friends over, it is best to just play single player and and alternate between players. No co-op, which sucks. I really wish there were, but there's not. If there were, this game would be more popular, let me tell you. Well, there are three modes of multi player. They are player vs. player, Team combat, and mission multi player. I've only played the first, because I've never had more than 2 players at my house at once. It had potential, but just could have been a loooooooooooooooooooot better.

Controls 8/10: The controls made this easier for me. I was used to the Joysticks, but the wii mote was made for FPS. The aiming takes some getting used to, but after a while, it comes naturally. It is great, you hold it like a real gun, and shoot with the trigger B button. Common sense, really. Then there is the sword fighting controls. They made great use of the wii controller and nunchuck. However, most think it could have been a lot better. It has potential, just since it was rushed, it didn't really work out that great. It was like hitting a button............ but more frustrating, and it doesn't work every time. If the bugs were worked out, and the swords actually went where you told them to, then the game would have been more liked. If they had done that, they would have put sword fighting on Wii sports. They could have also done that with Wii boxing. Could have, could have, could have. Well, there's nothing we can do now, now is there?

Graphics 8/10: Actually, it stressed the Wii's processor to get great graphics. They still weren't all that great, but still better than the gamecubes. One reason the game has some somewhat bad is because the game was rushed to get out right with the Wii so the Wii wouldn't get the view of a kid's console. But, hopefully the sequel will be better. Yes, there is probably going to be a sequel. Read on below.

Weapons 8/10: There were a variety of weapons. The automatic Uzi. The semi automatic Scar, type 89, and type 12. The shot gun (my favorite), the AE rifle, the MP7, the 6 shooters, and two type of pistols. I personally like to run around with a shot gun and an Uzi. Nice.

Sound 6/10: The sound is one of the flaws. Yes, the music was done nicely. And the Wii mote speaker was nicely used. But they played the same music everywhere. It wasn't that bad, music is not that important to me, but still, use some variety. The angry flute was funny, though. Hilarious, actually. I didn't know that angry flutes were a part of Japanese gangsters and the mafia, or the Yakuza, as they call them selves.

Overall 8/10: This is a great game, no matter what anyone says. They might have gotten thrown off by the controls, mostly the aiming. I got used to it rather quickly, though some others might have had problems getting used to it. Oh, and about red steel 2? There was a job listing for Ubisoft France to work on a Red steel 2 project. I can't wait till it comes. I just hope they don't rush it this time, not that they need to rush it. If you like shooters, and have a Wii, get this game now.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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