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"Why is this game so fun?!? IT SUCKS!!!!"

This is a very, very, horrible game... Even if you being a ninja (no pun intended) at using the wii-mote to aim and with sword fights, there are still those times the game freaks out and you spin around in circles for 2 minutes, or is just a tad unresponsive to the deathly kata you should have preformed.


I can't help but laugh at how much glitches are in this game, the very very very horrible voice acting (which is hilarious), the stupid AI, the stupid silly glitches, the story... Jeez, it does so bad in those departments it makes this game a MUST BUY/RENT for the wii.

GAMEPLAY (varies) 6/10 or 9/10
First off, it may take a bit to get used to the controls. This will vary from person to person, it took me 15 minutes, though it took a friend of mine a couple hours. But when you do get it, it is a BLAST. Screw using the highly unresponsive controls of an Xbox controller (WHO CAN ACTUALLY USE THAT AND BE GOOD?!), the wii mote can be very quick, accurate, and deadly if you get good using it for this game. However, the reason why it's 9/10 and not just 10, is because the game can hic-up occasionally and screw your aim up for a few seconds (the most I've seen for myself is a minute). These however are rare, but they still result in the 9/10.

Sword fighting... It can, and 30% of the time it will, be un-responsive. Just natural stuff such as blocking and hacking away will be 100% responsive thankfully, however certain katas (special sword combo's/moves) can be a pain to execute due to the game not registering it correctly. Though it isn't nearly as bad as those games you plug into your tv, not nearly.

STORY 3/10
I'll give it points for originality at a couple points, but that's it, it is very generic and not interesting in the slightest. However, I never ever found myself wanting to skip cutscenes due to how the characters talk.... It's just so... Horrible.... They fail hard at trying to get a Japanese accent down good enough, and just the word choice is bad. So bad, it's sooooo entertaining.

To the actual story, you play the role of a silent... Guy... Named Scott, who just proposed to his Japanese girlfriend. Turns out her father is a very very very rich guy, and is part of some Yakuza group/gang. A rival gang comes and starts to rip the place apart, taking Scott's girlfriend. At that point, Scott just picks up any weapon he finds on the ground and starts to go Rambo on all the bad Yakuza guys, this may seem strange for some random joe guy to start doing that... Well, if you payed attention, Scott is actually a bodyguard assigned to protect the girl awhile ago, so he was trained with weapons and such, they fell in love, and they turned up here.

Rest of the game is just trying to get her back, and it's fairly good length, nothing too short.

I noticed no frame-rate drops at all, graphics look just good for the wii, explosions are AWESOME. Not much to say here... Why should I explain it when you can just click "images" over there?

SOUND 10/10 (excluding voice acting)
Everything sounds awesome, to the sword clangs, to the head shots... And ESPECIALLY the music. The music is very good, and sometimes just makes you (or just me) laugh out loud. You'll be in the middle of a huge gun-fight, and then some japanese girls start singing some word over and over and it sounds like they are high or something.

MULTIPLAYER 0/10 (if you have no friends)
If you do have friends and controllers... This will be like the next Goldeneye 007 for you, no explanation needed. It has a few different modes, some quite obvious, so I'll only be talking about "mission mode".

It puts the wii-mote speaker to perfect use. You'll get directions to kill someone a certain way, or kill a specific person, or both. Naturally, this is VERY fun, only for 4 people however.

I also found a GREAT way to add extra lulz into the game, and make it soooo much more fun to play. My friend is over often, and he uses one part of the controller and I use the other, this will add pretty much a WHOLE new mode into the game, co-op, and very funny stuff happens, trust me, it's the best part of the ENTIRE game.

So if single player isn't your cup of tea, go for a game of co-op and let the chaos begin!

Overall? For me, 9/10, for others? Maybe a 7/10 to an 8/10.

This game really sucks in just about everything except sound/music and some of gameplay, yet... It's somehow a very fun game to play. I enjoyed every bit. It just has some sort of feel to it to make it a GOOD game since it is so HORRIBLE, that is the only way I can explain it.

Rent it first, without a doubt, some people may not like this a bit and not get any lulz from it like I do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/20/09

Game Release: Red Steel (US, 11/19/06)

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