Review by Arcreium

"What were they thinking!?"

This is not the worst game on the Wii, but I don't know why the designer tried to make it that way.

Story 6/10

Well, this game has a fair story not to good and not to bad it is tolerable. Basically you are out to save you to be wife from the yakuza along with doing to most damage to the yakuza as possible. As I said not a bad idea sounds some what promising.

Graphics/Sound 7/10

The graphics of this game in not to bad though at times they may seems like a cartoon sketch rather than a technical animation it is not overly horrible so let it pass. The music is kind of cool though it can easily mess with the players head, but that might be the point of it to add to the escape. The sound effects are really nice especially when you reload the gun because it utilizes the Wii Remote's speaker which gives it a nice touch. The voice acting is good and did not seem to be a burden on the overall production.

Gameplay 1/10

This is where the game takes a few major hits. First of all the controls are really bad and in the middle of a shot out a flaw in aiming is never good. The aiming system itself is horrid due to it gives you a dot that turns red when a bad guy is behind it, but when you shoot you don't hit him because there is to much junk in the way or you moved you hand half a millimeter that thrown your whole shot off. The sword controls are no better they are the worst controls that this game possesses due to you can never be sure how the game is going to translate your motion regardless how obvious or how slowly you made it. This game tries to be mission based so it lets you select the mission you want to do, but once you select it you cannot quit the mission and pick another until you complete the mission. When you return to the selection area you better make sure you do not reselect the same mission you just did or you have to do it all over again regardless of how many times you did it, so before you take a mission you better be sure that that mission is the one you want or you are in for it. The multi-player fails to be any real help in saving this game from a fall because it is so basic and fails to make use of any modes that would keep players interested for a long time. This game also fails to let the player choose for example every time a guy walks out with a sword the game makes the player sword fight that guy. Personally if a person came after me with a sword and I had a gun I would shoot a big hole in that guy, but this game doesn't let the player choose so it forces them to engage in a long and annoying sword battle.

Play Time/ Replayablity 3/10

This game basically took a bullet to the head in this area due to the gameplay was so bad that it is a basic need to get away from this game, so regardless how long it may take to complete the game the player would almost certainly loose his or her desire to play this game in a matter of a hour if not in a few short minutes, and they may not come back to continue playing this game for a long while.

Overall Score 4/10

With all that this game is not worth the time a player may wish to dedicate to it, and looking back the saddest thing about this game was that with all the hype it got if the designers took a little more care in making it this may have been a good game. There you have it Red Steel a game that could have been if quality was more important than releasing it quickly.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/14/09

Game Release: Red Steel (US, 11/19/06)

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