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"Extremely easy, not challenging at all"


The game's main selling point was the TV show, in my opinion. However, the game mostly abandoned the storyline of the TV show in the game, and instead had a storyline based on machines that artificially emulate bending, and destroy places. Although you fight Fire Nation a lot, the main villains of the TV show such as Zuko and the Fire Lord are almost ignored. Not a good choice.


These are quite poor. They are very basic cel shading, and could definitely have been improved. The framerates don't move well with the graphics, and they are far from anything special. Cutscenes are actually bad because of them. They bring the game down a lot past the level I expected.


Sound effects- These are quite good. They are heard very well in battle sequences, and are quite enjoyable. However, they really are at around the same level as most games. I wouldn't say they stood out.

Music- Horribly bad. There are many points in the story where the music will just completely go. It is not particularly great, and again, very basic.


For all hardcore gaming fans, stay away from this game. The gameplay is so easy that anyone who has played a game before could complete it with ease. However, some people (including me) like games like this to play on when you're stuck on that dungeon in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess; or struggling along that act of Red Steel.

Enemies will always be quite easy. Even though they get harder, your team gets much stronger than they get harder. This means that as you progress, enemies actually become easier in the last few levels. Katara's healing moves make it hard to die (I never did). Fighting enemies requires little thought or skill. Button mashing will suffice.

Bosses are even easier. You just keep running around and eventually the boss will tire and you can attack it.

The game has a certain puzzle aspect to it. It is slightly challenging to complete all chapters 100% complete, but this gives you no actual reward, and doing so is very long and boring. If you are doing the minimum, you'll quickly find out where to go thanks to the Green Quest arrows. You shouldn't ever find yourself stuck in the game.

Wii-motion is really quite useless in this game. You press B and move the Wii-mote up, down, left or right to do a bending move or a special attack (only for Sokka). It is very receptive, and will understand your commands, but bland.


This game is well suited for young kids new to gaming. People older than that will find it very easy (and for good reason). However, it is quite fun, and a welcome break from intense games. Don't come looking here for a challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/29/07

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