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I could easily say the game is worth it. I mean the party games are ok, and the story mode is ok. But they get so boring just after one bit. You can't play party games without any friends, and story mode controls are weird. The levels aren't well designed, just he same old levels, they just look a little different each time. Enough about that, let me get to the meat of the review.

Story 3/10

Like seriously....the could've at least thought up a better story. It goes like; one day the 5 monkey's are celebrating with their golden banana's, and then some evil pirate guy comes and steals it. How pathetic and lame is that?

Game Play 7/10

Some of the Game Play is good, some of it is plain just messed up. Some of the first levels are fun for newcomers to the series, but then the levels in some of the last places are just the same levels that look the same as the older ones. The Story mode is too easy, and can get boring too. Then comes party mode. Party mode can only be fully enjoyed with with 4 friends. With only one other friend, the party mode is quite boring. There's a variety of mini games, and that's about the only good thing.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are ok looking. It gets a high score because it doesn't look like Red Steel which has Game Cube graphics. It's more of an animated look, but the colours are good. Some of the level graphic designs aren't that good though.

Sound 4/10

When I'm playing this, I choose to turn off the sound. Hearing the annoying sounds of monkeys chirping like birds isn't a nice sound effect at all. Maybe some jungle music, or something related to the game would be a nice add-on instead of these weird sound effects. Not to mention the real music isn't great either.

Control 7/10

The controls aren't great either. I mean I'll cut Sega some slack for being the first developers to make this kind of controls, but they could've worked on it a bit. Sometimes when I try to move, it goes crazy and I roll down and I fall off. Mastering the controls can take time, and isn't hard for beginners. But if your an adult and you were thinking of getting this for your little kid, he/she won't probably be able to get the controls very well, and probably not want to play it.

Multiplayer 8/10

Maybe the best thing about this game is this. The party games can be enjoyable with 4 friends, but with 2 it gets very boring after about 2 or 3 mini games. But then again, there aren't even that many fun mini games. I mean there is a few casual fun ones, but some are just strange, and just aren't fun.

Replayability 3/10

After beating the easy story mode, there is nothing else to do. Nothing at all. The only thing you really can do, is to play with a friend/sibling. Even that isn't that fun either, and are only fun about a few times, then the mini game just gets old.

Overall 5/10

Overall, it's an ok game. Not worth of $50 you shelled out for the game though. Buy or Rent? Buy it only of you like the series, and are comfortable with the controls. I would rent it first to try it out, instead of buying it and then trading it in. Well I hope you enjoyed the review, and please rate it if you can so I can see if my review is any good, and if I should improve my writing. Thank you for reading this, and have a fun time if you decide to get it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/01/06

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