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"Monkey Balls under your chin..."

Super Monkey Ball was one of the first games ever for the Gamecube. It is also one of the first games ever for the Wii but this time there's a Banana Blitz next to the title. Outside of that, the game has not really changed as a whole. The controls are much more demanding (as if they already weren't in the first place) than the first two installments in the series and that is the only thing that will detract from the experience.

Single Player: 7/10

There are 100 unique courses (no repeats from past Monkey Ball games) and every 10 courses or so there is a boss battle. However, most of the boss battles are just not fun. I will not spoil anything, but each boss does the same attack in the same form for the whole fight. For a more enjoyable experience, a little variety would have been nice. There are also courses that are so difficult, quitting becomes an option more frequently than anyone would like. The controls require intense precision that lead to problems such as overestimating/underestimating the speed needed on a slope, too much or too little of a turn, and jumping too early or too late. All of these occurrences result in a “fallout.” In other words, you lose.

Multiplayer: 9/10

Surprisingly, there are 50 minigames in this version of Monkey Ball. However, half of them provide minimal fun because of their repetitiveness and a quarter of them are not even worth playing as they require no skill to compete in. There are only about 10 solid games that are worth your time to play with friends. These include Monkey Wars (my favorite), Monkey Bowling, and Monkey Target to name a few. Even though more than half of the mingames are duds, the ones that are not are really fun to play with other people.

Graphics/Sound: 8/10

The graphics are colorful and there are no blurry animations. Everything runs smoothly throughout the game even when there is a lot of stuff happening on the screen . Banana Blitz is one of the better looking games on the Wii. While the tunes match the atmosphere as they always do on Monkey Ball, the monkeys themselves can be extremely annoying. When ever you fall off of a course, the monkey must scream in the most irritating voice possible. Overall, this does not take away from the experience.

Final Recommendation: Approved

If you enjoyed the first two Monkey Ball games on the Gamecube, this game is a must-have. It's more of the same but that is why the Monkey Ball series is so popular. On the other hand, if you have never played a Monkey Ball game before, I would recommend that you rent it because you need to understand the concepts of the game first hand to see if you'll like it. Usually most people do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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