Review by Bananas7

Reviewed: 01/02/07


Well to begin, I got this game for Christmas and was very excited to play it. I would have to say I wasn't either impressed or disappointed with this game. It had a lot going for it in the beginning, but just seemed to lose it closer to the end.

Story: 5/10
Well I don't think they even attempted at a story but still, I liked the way Super Monkey Ball 2 HAD a story and it was somewhat exciting and interesting. In this game they are sitting there and get their golden bananas stolen by some evil pirate. Not to exciting...

Game play: 7/10
Ok, the beginning of story mode was excellent. I felt they incorporated the wii remote very well. It was new, and it caught my attention. I also liked the way they allowed the monkeys to jump, and everyone had a different ability. I continued to play and I started to notice a lot of things that could have been improved, and where the game play began to fall apart. For example, I would be doing great in a level and suddenly the angle would change making me jerk my wii remote to one side therefore falling off the course. This was very aggravating and very annoying. Also, in a few levels, they programed platforms and other transportation things so that even if you go through the course as fast as possible, you will still have to wait 20 seconds for the platform to return... literally. After you continue to lose at the level waisting that 20 seconds 50 times is aggravating. The last problem was with a lot of the multi-player games. Don't get me wrong, some were fun and exciting, but the wii remote didn't work well with many of them. (bowling, red-light, green-light) Also, in the classic "Monkey Race" I found myself in first place (yay) suddenly, I go flying off the course. (uh oh) I am placed back on the course and I see that I am still in first. (yay) I start driving and I realize five seconds later that I was placed back on the course backwards, and the game notifies me I am driving the wrong way 5 seconds after I begin to do so. Now I am in seventh (boo..)

Music: 9/10
The music was actually very well done in this game. I really enjoyed the music and it added a nice touch to the different worlds during the single player game.

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics were one of the better aspects of the game. The bosses (there was actually bosses in this game) were very detailed and looked good. Also, the monkeys were detailed and were great. The monsters that creep around the courses (squids, moles) were also good looking and so was the scenery on each different level.

Toughness: 5/10
Ok well a 10 would be perfect and a 1 would be terrible. I will sum it up, this game was very difficult. You may find yourself spending a half an hour to an hour on one single stage. I got crowns on the first five levels (crowns mean you went through a level without losing all lives) but I will be lucky if I even come close to beating the others. Again, the angels make the game harder and the different monkey abilities are tricky to...

Re-play value: 7/10
Well I guess you would be able to re-play this game due to multi-player. Some games were very fun and the single player could be replayed (if you ever beat the game.)

Overall: 7/10
This game can be fun if you grab some friends to play multi-player with you. Also it could be decent if you try to complete the single player mode. In conclusion, this game was pretty good, but frustrating and in some aspects a bit disappointing... I suggest play through the single player as best as you can and grab some friends for multi-player.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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