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"50 Party Games? Sounds like a good deal to me."

Super Monkey Ball - it's a name a lot of us know. From the original to the sequel, to the handheld versions, even to the not-as-great Adventure game, the series based around rolling a ball to the exit is a growing franchise that has great potential. But will the series begin to deteriorate? After playing the latest installment in the series, I'm not sure.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics were definitely a part of the game that was done well. Everything looks sharp and colorful. They're not exactly the best graphics in terms of power, but realistic graphics are not something that people really look at in games based on rolling a monkey inside a ball.

Audio: 9/10

I had great fun listening to the audio in Banana Blitz. Everything fits perfectly, in all the worlds, and the sound effects (including the monkey screeching) is not annoying as it got to be in previous SMB's. Overall an enjoyable part of the game.

Single-Player: 9/10

Honestly, I must say the single-player in this game is as good as Super Monkey Ball 2's excellent gameplay. It is done almost perfectly - the level designs are superb and exciting. What really made me have fun while playing this game, though, was simply moving the dang ball around. You basically tilt the stage in order to move the ball around - think that the Wiimote is the stage, and you tilt the Wiimote to tilt the stage. There are different ways to do this, but the most comfortable way I found was to let the Wiimote rest in your dominant palm, thumb over the A button, while you move your wrist (not your hand, but your wrist) to tilt the stage. In addition, pressing the A button makes your monkey jump, a new addition that didn't exist in previous games. This new installment of Monkey Ball brings about one of the best control schemes I have yet to see in a video game, and also sort of brings about the lovable rule of "easy to learn, hard to master". Speaking of which, the whole game is based around that - the first few worlds are really easy, while the rest are absolutely insane and will have you pulling your hair out. But you'll be doing it for all the right reasons. The only part of Single-Player that I thought was "meh" were the stupid bosses.

Multi-Player: 1/10

AGGGGGGGGH! With such other good categories, you'd think the Multiplayer would be fun, right? WRONG! Actually, out of the 50 (!) Party Games, NONE of them are fun. Oh boy, a Jigsaw Puzzle! Um... well, at least there's Monkey Snowboarding. Oh boy! This one is boring too. Let's try Monkey Race - they can't butcher that, right? WRONG! They put some weird control scheme into it that I can't quite figure out. Why not put the original controls into it? That would mean at least Monkey Race would be fun. But no, they just had to ruin each and every game that was once good, and replace it with 100% pure crap.

Conclusion: 7/10

The game is fun (and frustratingly awesome) while it lasts, but once you're done with the single-player, there's virtually nothing to do. I would rather have 5 good party games than 50 crappy ones. They even managed to butcher Monkey Target in this game. WHAAAA?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/07

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