Review by Chico86_basic

Reviewed: 01/11/07

Monkey Ball is back on the wii as one of the best launch titles!

I'm a big fan of the Monkey Ball franchise and I'm glad to report that Sega did a great job by doing this marvelous sequel to the traditional Monkey Ball games. I mean Monkey Ball 1 & 2 because Adventure was some kind of a different type of game. If you liked those two and you own a Wii, you need to read no more. This is actually one of the best launch titles the system has to offer!

GAMEPLAY (8/10): First of all like this game came out for the Wii you'll be using the Wii remote instead of the nunchuck to control your main game. It wouldn't make sense otherwise and this is how this game was meant to be played. Good news is that the new controls feels very good and responsive. Sure you still have a learning curve at the beginning and it's a little different but the stages are designed in a proper way for the new controller.

The single player is very solid and you can expect 80+ original new stages to clear. In this game you have worlds to conquer and in order to pass each world you'll need to beat a boss at the end. I found this a very cool addiction to the game itself not to mention the new ability to jump, the new monkeys and the different abilities of each one!

The multiplayer is packed with 50 mini-games for you to enjoy but as you would expect they're not as solid as the main game as a whole. Some minis do lack intuitive controls while others may lack some concept but there's a good variety of gameplay to be found here. Mind you that there are always those great mini-games you'll be coming back for more so you don't need to worry.

All in all to make this a better game I think Sega should put a little more on the single player side because we've seen more puzzles in the other entries of the game and the multiplayer needed to be more refined even if it was with much less minis but I guess Sega wanted to test the Wii innovative controls to the fullest.

GRAPHICS (8/10): This is the best looking Monkey Ball game so far as you would guess. The monkeys have been re-designed with more color and expression. The levels are beautiful and have great effects while you play by the jungle, by the snow or by a volcano!

SOUND (8/10): If you're familiar with Monkey Ball you know what kind of music to expect. The game doesn't disappoint and while the soundtracks are nothing out of this world they do their job by keeping the pace with uplifting tunes. My only complaint is about the sound from the Wii-remote speaker. It sounds good for little sounds once in a while but when you hear the "bip" all the time you navigate through the menus it starts getting a little annoying but you can turn the sound of the remote off so there's no big deal.

VALUE (8/10): The single player can be finished in a little less time than previous Monkey Ball games once you get the hang of the controls but you have a great amount of minis to play afterwards. The sad thing is that they excluded the option to play the main game with more than one player.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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