Review by LOLWTFBBQ2006

Reviewed: 01/18/07

An innovative new setup for the series that definitely works.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz is the first Super Monkey Ball entry on the Wii console (it's still unclear as to whether Banana Blitz is the official "Super Monkey Ball 3" yet). The game takes advantage of the Wiimote's motion sensitive capabilities, allowing you to control your monkey by tilting the wiimote.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)
To be honest, the gameplay takes a while to get used to. It is extremely awkward and difficult to control, and you won't truly be used to it until about halfway through the game. However, when you do get used to it, it is actually better than using a joystick like in the previous Monkey Ball games. The new boss stages in this game will occasionally prove to be difficult and frustrating, but that's pretty much the only huge downside.

SOUND (9/10)
Most of the songs are catchy and fit the level you're playing perfectly, but there are a few misses here and there. Some of the music in this game is actually a collection of remixes from the Gameboy Advance game "Super Monkey Ball Jr.".

Aside from the totally new control scheme, the graphics are the biggest change since Super Monkey Ball 2. The whole game got a graphic makeover, basically. Everything about the game looks more colorful, lighter, and more towards the cel-shaded style of graphics. The only real downside here is that the monkeys themselves look drastically different. They still have the trademark cinnamon bun ears, but they are very different from their predecessors otherwise.

Despite my love for this game, you will definitely want to rent it before buying. Most of the reviews out there on the Internet are "generally positive" (6.5 - 8.5 out of 10 or so). It seems like it's a "hate it or love it" game, or more accurately, a "think it's mediocre or love it" game. In all seriousness, you WILL be disappointed by this game the first time you play it, but this is simply because of how difficult it is at first. The more you play it, the more you'll enjoy it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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