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"Rick "Monkeyball" Dangerous. Wait, what?"

An Introduction
An avid video gamer myself, I elected to rent various wii games rather then purchase outright. I'm glad I did, because this was my first choice on the rental list. I wish I hadn't.

STORY : 1/10
There practically is no story. The monkeys are sitting around gawking at their golden bananas, and suddenly a giant pirate ape with a pair of scissors as a hand comes in and steals the magic golden bananas, then flies off in a giant pirate ship. That's it.

Let's get this straight. There honestly, is nothing impressive here. For how small the levels are, alot more could of been done to make the areas, textures, and models look much nicer, cel shaded or not. In many cases side-props may actually get in your way, and the backgrounds while nice looking - will only be making you more disoriented and nauseated.

SOUND : 2/10
Nothing impressive, or reasonably pleasant. The monkey's chirping sound while jumping is going to get *very* annoying, and the level music is short and will repeat constantly. Either mute the tv or turn it down to a low setting.

Simple, devious, and small. THIS is where the game screams out at me, reminding me of the agonizing torture of an older game called Rick Dangerous where perfection is needed to even play the game. Indeed, the levels in Super Monkey ball : Banana Blitz are challenging, interesting for the first few times you try to beat them, and a few are even entertaining. Most of them however, are quickly going to become so difficult that you will be finding yourself digging into your SOUL to find the urge to keep going and beat that one level. A few levels will look very difficult but will actually be simple and fun. Others, will look very simple, but will actually turn out to be so difficult you may find yourself trying to stop yourself from hurling the wiimote across the room in frustration!

CONTROL : 8/10
The control is the only good thing about the game. It is VERY sensitive, and VERY simple. There is quite literally only one button you need to use, and then simply work on fine tuning the movements of your wrist. Anyone with a hand can pick this game up and play it. However very few will find themselves actually enjoying the game.

REPLAY : 0/10
I place this at a flat zero because, going through the whole game can be such an agonizing experience that you may never want to pickup the game again. Seriously. As well, for those of you that whole heartedly love monkey ball games - you're part of the problem.

Think of going to the dentist... to get a filling, or have your teeth scraped, or something that you find equally unpleasant. That will amount to about the frustration this game will give you. While the early levels are fun and inviting, easily forgiving errors and mistakes, the later levels will have you pulling your hair out and throwing the remote across the room.

CAMERA : 2/10
Seriously, if anything breaks this game it is the camera. You will be fighting the camera just as much as the level design in this game, if not more so.

OVERALL : 3/10
Not my cup of tea. And hopefully, not your cup of tea either. However, some people DO enjoy being antagonized and tormented by perpetual failure. So if you're into monkey ball games, and love that smell of repetition and impending doom, then by all means try this game out. However if you're like all the rest of us, don't even bother renting this title - you won't want the memories.

Is it worth 50$? Not in the least. Katamary Damancy was 20$, and worth far more then this game.

Is it worth a 5-10$ rental? Maybe. Just maybe, if you're into this sort of thing that is, and don't have anything else you'd rather spend that money on.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/22/07

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